19 essential tips on How to Defend in FIFA 17

Keeper vs Player

FIFA 17 Defending Tips

Similarly to the 2vs1 (that we will talk in the next page of this guide), it will happen that opponents can break through , and you have no defenders in sight . But there are a surprising number of things you can do to prevent them scoring, or at least make it harder for them.

  • Charge! Seriously, if somebody breaks through and is 1 on 1 with your keeper, it can often be best to bring the keeper out. This forces the opponent to chip your keeper, which is much more difficult than simply sliding it past them at their own pace.
  • Dummy chargeLike above, but you can mind game the opponent and force them to attempt a chip, and then simply stop bringing him out. This will cause the keeper to drop back to the line and catch the ball. As mentioned in other articles, mind games are your friend. Switch between charging your keeper, and dummying the run, to make your opponent unsure, and panic when he is 1 on 1
  • Hold your ground. If you know your opponent is good at chipping you, or you simply believe in your keeper, it can be viable to leave them on their line, especially if they are a world class keeper. Forcing your opponent to score rather than gifting them an easy opportunity is sometimes simply better.

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