19 essential tips on How to Defend in FIFA 17

The 2v1

How to Defend in FIFA 17 - 2vs1 situation

It can happen during any game, at any time, and it can seem daunting. The opponent has broken away, and you only have one defender to his two attackers. There are a number of options to go through, and understanding how to deal with this can save you goals. It will happen during most games, so learning the countermeasure is crucial.

  • Close him down. The first and easiest method is to simply close the ballcarrier down and attempt to dispossess him. This can also cause the second player to be offside, so even if they play the ball, they will not continue through on goal. If their second player is very far ahead, stepping up the offside line can often be your only chance.
  • Cover the pass. If your opponent has seemed shaky whilst finishing, or has had trouble beating your keeper, it can often be rewarding to just cover the pass across. The pass across generally is always a goal, so force them to beat your keeper. This is also my advice if you have a fantastic keeper in the net.
  • Bring the keeper out. Coupled with the above tip, charging your keeper out, whilst also covering the pass, can force your opponent to panic. He can now no longer pass across, and has a keeper bearing down on him. This will force him into a fast decision, and hopefully that decision is the wrong one.

And there we have it. We have covered some general tips on defending, as well as what to do in the scenarios in which your opponent is 1 on 1, 2 on 1, or crossing the ball down the wing. We hope these FIFA 17 tips will help you to improve your defending, and if you want to improve any other part of your game check out our other FIFA 17 guides on this website!

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