FIFA 17 Best teams to start Career Mode

FIFA 17 Best teams to manage in career mode

Choosing a team to start a career in FIFA 17 can be a daunting one, as there are many options that present itself, and many questions that need answering. Do I want to manage a superstar team from the offset? Do I want to develop a young team and make them world beaters? Or do I want to go from rag to riches with a team from the very bottom of the league system? To assist you in answering some of these questions, and hopefully giving you some direction by bringing you this article. Within it, we will detail three teams from the 4 major regions (England, Italy, Spain and Germany  ) which we feel are the best to start as on your hopefully long and glorious FIFA 17 career as manager.


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The premier league, arguably the most competitive league in the world, is a tough cookie to crack, with most teams being strong enough contenders to start your career with.  However, we have picked out three which stand out to us as clubs you should start at, for a variety of reasons, detailed below .

Manchester United :


Team type : Mega club

Position in league last year : 5th

Notable Players : Ibrahimovic, Pogba, Bailly, Mkitaryan

With Manchester United failing to achieve champions league football in the 2015/2016 season, starting as them will be the perfect opportunity to earn yourself fame within career mode by bringing back champions league football to manchester United. With cash in Abundance, and probably the strongest starting squad in the premier league, Manchester United (In FIFA 17 terms) look to be the favourites to take the league. With the highest rated Striker in the Game (Ibrahimovic, 90) and Pogba (88) in midfield, they provide you with the perfect opportunity to bring multiple titles in the first season. Furthermore with young talent such as Martial, Rashford and Lingaard coming through , you have the foundations to continue success into future seasons.



Team type : Challengers

Position in league last year: 3rd

Notable players : Kane, Alli, Sissoko, Eriksen, Dier

Although being a top contender for most of the season, Spurs fell off the pace and finished third in what was arguably their best shot at winning the title in recent years. With the retention of key players, such as Eriksen and Kane, who looked unplayable at times last season alongside the up and coming Alli and Dier, who both saw huge upgrades from FIFA 16 (With Kane being upgraded too!)this squad looks not only good right now, but absolutely killer in the upcoming seasons. Signing Sissoko to create opportunities down the wing, as well as N’koudou and Wanyama, Spurs are one of the best teams to play as in Career mode. Talent right now, and developing talent for the future, this is one club you will want to manage.

Southampton :


Team type : Development club

Position in league last year : 6th

Notable players : Boufal, Fonte, Redmond, Tadic

Although highly placed last season, Southampton lost a lot of their attacking power, with both Pelle, Mane, Schneiderlin and others leaving the club , and therefore they are a perfect club to take over and shape to your own desire. One of the most notable English feeder clubs, they supply top talent every year to larger clubs, and are in contention to have the best youth system in England, you may not go big in the first few seasons, but developing your young talent can see you either make them into beasts yourself, or cash in and sign other stars to increase your position in the league.

La Liga


With Real Madrid and Barcelona both maintaining sheer dominance in La Liga for some time (with a couple of exceptions) the La Liga is the perfect league to manage and knock the two giants from the top, or assume the role as a giant and keep finally crush the other to crown yourself the one true club in Spain.

Barcelona  :


Team type : Mega Club

Position in league last year: 1st

Notable players : Messi, Suarez, Neymar

Topping the league last year, Barcelona will be my pick out of the two giants. With provably the best attacking trio in the world for scoring goals, and a midfield which is full of playmakers, Barcelona are the sure choice to not only domiante La Liga, but also on the International stage. This is without forgetting Barcelona’s huge amount of money, and also their world class youth system. Every single aspect of Barcelona’s club is top quality, and this is why they are one of the best teams to start your career with.

Atletico Madrid :


Team type : Development, Top Challengers

Position in league last year: 3rd

Notable players : Griezmann, Carrasco, Koke, Gaitan

Finishing just three points from the top of the league, behind the mega clubs of Barcelona and Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid are a fantastic prospect to start a career mode with . Having provided the world with the talents of Diego Costa, Aguero, Courtois, Turan and many more, who have gone on to play for the top clubs, Atletico Madrid have a host of young talent coming through, who will surely be the next big stars. If you assume management, expect a fierce challenge from Barcelona and Real Madrid, but in a few years, when the players have developed, this club is certainly in line to knock them off the top spot.

Valencia :


Team type : Middle roaders

Position in league last year : 12th

Notable players : Nani, Rodrigo,  Enzo Perez, Parejo

With a disastrous 12th place finish last season, Valencia are a club with something to prove. With a rich history in La Liga, expectant fans  and players which ,on paper, definitely deserve a higher finish than 12th, Valencia seem a hot prospect to manage in career mode. I have selected Valencia as a top team to manage in career mode as they are a “work in progress ” team, in which with some shrewd investment, you can push them on to the glory they deserve .

If you’re looking to start your FIFA 17 career mode in other leagues then have a look at the next pages!

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