FIFA 17 Best teams to start Career Mode



Proving a model of how to run a successful league in recent seasons,  amongst the billionaires which seem to be popping up more and more frequently and taking over clubs, the Bundesliga seems at first glance to be a single dominant team (Bayern Munich) amongst its competitors. However, this is the allure of managing in the Bundesliga, to finally dethrone the kings of the league.

Bayern Munich :


Team type : Mega Club

Position in league last year: 1st

Notable players : Lewandowski, Muller, Robben, Boateng , Neuer

In respect to the passage above, instead of dethroning the kings of the league, why not simply join them instead ? With a roster boasting unbelieavable prospects at every position, ranging from the highest rated CB in the game currently (Boateng) alongside a deadly finisher in lewandowski, and mix in the playmaking abilities of Muller and Robben, this team looks to be unbeatable. With only one or two signings needed, you could make this team truly unstoppable, and reign for many many seasons. You would be disappointed not to win the double every season with a line-up as such, and this is why they are my selection as one of the best teams to manage in career mode

Borussia Dortmund: 


Team type : Title Challengers

Position in league last year: 2nd

Notable players : Aubameyang, Reus, Gotze,

It’s finally time to topple the greats once and for all. Borussia Dortmund look most likely every season to challenge Bayern Munich for the top spot, and this is why you should manage them in career mode. With notoriously “OP” (Overpowered) players in FIFA, with Aubameyang and Reus, with the support of playmakers Gotze and Kagawa, this is the team you should choose to mount the biggest challenge in the Bundesliga. Similarly the Atletico Madrid, they have produced an array of talent which always seems to leave (more often than not to Munich!) but this is the opportunity to prevent that cycle, and become the dominant force in Bundesliga.



Team type : Middle roader/ Challenge

Position in league last year: 8th

Notable players : Draxler, Gomez, Rodriguez, Gustavo

Although finishing only mid table last season, the current Wolfsburg squad looks to be a lot stronger than that. With superstar attacking midfielder Draxler, who was sought after by the top clubs, being accompanied by experienced Striker Gomez, they could prove a devastating partnership for your early seasons as a manager. Although a lot of work would have to be done to this squad to make it into a top 2/3 club, this is the allure of the challenge. I have picked Wolfsburg as one of the best teams to start as due to their good base of youth players, and above average current line up, but also due to the fact they will be somewhat of a challenge to take to the top.

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