FIFA 17 Best teams to start Career Mode

Calcio A


The Italian league has, much like Germany, looked particularly one sided, with Juventus romping home last season with 9 points gap to challengers Napoli. Both of these teams are top picks for this league when it comes to management, as both have squads which outclass the majority of the opposition. However, the player quality within Serie A (Calcio A) seems very high this year, and therefore it may prove to be much more competitive.

Juventus :


Team type : Mega Club

Position in league last year: 1st

Notable players : Buffon, Higuain, Chiellini, Dybala

Although Juventus dominated last season, losing their superstar midfielder, Pogba as well as Morata and Pereyra, who were integral in their dominance, will have put some pressure on the champions. However, signing Higuain and Pjanic, as well as retaining arguably the best trio Centre back combination in the world (Chiellini, Bonucci, Barzagli) there is no doubt you can have a super strong squad in the first season. With maybe the signing of an attacking midfielder and possibly a winger, this squad can easily continue its reign, and silverware should come thick and fast. My pick as the strongest team in Serie A, and therefore a perfect team to start as.

Napoli : 


Team type : Challengers

Position in league last year: 2nd

Notable players : Insigne, Koulibaly, Milik , Mertens

Napoli look like the club to challenge Juventus, and this is why they are my second pick as best teams to manage in FIFA 17. With Insigne and Mertens, who were incredibly difficult to play against in FIFA 16, and a replacement for Higuain in Milik, Napoli are certainly close to Juventus in squad strength. Also the highly sought after Koulibaly as a rock in defence, you will surely find success with a squad such as this. The depth of squad is also very high, with the majority of the bench looking stronger than the league, Napoli again look set to be a fantastic squad moving into this season

Sassuolo : 


Team type : Tough Challenge

Position in league last year: 6th

Notable players : Berardi, Sansoni, Acerbi

Sassuolo upset the apple cart in the 2016/17 season, finishing in a club record 6th place, going from 17th in the 2013/14 season, and 12th in the 2015/16 season. Sassuolo are certainly a tough club to take over, but with European Football courtesy of Juventus beating Milan in the cup, this club is set up for great things . A squad overhaul may be in order, whilst retaining superstars Berardi and Sansoni, but with the money garnered from a successful European run and high league finish, this is the squad to take over if you want to start out with a challenge, and a squad that will likely change a lot if you wish to succeed.

And there we have it, our three picks from the four major regions which I hope will help you decide which club you should manage on FIFA 17 Career Mode. They almost boiled down into three categories, the mega clubs, the challengers and the tough challenge clubs, which I believe are probably the three categories which to me make a club appealing to manage in FIFA.

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