FIFA 17 Fastest and Easy way to get Loyalty Bonus!

FIFA 17 Easy way to get loyalty bonus

Get the loyalty bonus for many players of your team can be quite slow if done in the natural way. On FIFA 17 you are forced to play 10 games with each player to get the loyalty bonus.

Here at FIFA-Base we will reveal the best and fastest way to get the loyalty bonus in just 10 minutes!

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1- Go to Single Player and select Single Player Tournament to play with your team.

2- Wait a few seconds until the referee starts the match.

3- Pause and Quit. (Don’t Forfeit, you need to close application on PS4 or Xbox)

4- Load Up FIFA 17.

5- Repeat


This is a fairly simple trick to do that helps you completing some of the challenges on the Squad Builder Challenges. Enjoy!

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