FIFA 17 Shooting Tutorial: Tips on How to score goals.

FIFA 17 Shooting guide

Scoring. The ultimate aim of any football team is to eventually end up with the ball in the back of the opponents net. Although every successful team should have a fantastic defense, you have to score a goal to beat your opposition. Whilst seemingly simple on FIFA 17,(after all you just press B? Right?) , understanding exactly how to put the ball in the net from any situation is what separates the good from the average. We here at FIFA-Base hope to share with you some of our best tips on how to do exactly that.

Within this FIFA 17 shooting tutorial, we will start by giving some generic advice on shooting, and then break down some specific scenarios in which you will be attempting to score goals, a, as generic advice is all well and good, but differentiating between a finesse shot and a driven shot, and how to score each, as well as how to successfully score 1 on 1’s, can be very different .

Before we begin, I will be using a few terms within here that may or not be familiar to you. So I will define them before I begin this tutorial, so you understand what I mean.

Finesse (RB or R1)

Power shot (B or O)

Chip (LB or L1)

Fake shot (Press B or O then A or X directly afterwards)

These are the various types of shots and their controls to perform them.

General tips

  • Take your time! When approaching the area, If you have a clear opportunity, slow down and let go of that sprint button. Giving your player a chance to take an extra touch and shape his body correctly can be the difference between a goal and a save.
  • When to finesse. Generally speaking, the finesse shot should be used inside the box when at an angle, in order to place it around the keeper, rather that at him. It also can be used outside of the box (specifically when your player is at a 90° angle, or thereabouts), but this is general advice.
  • Angles! I almost always advise a player, if possible, to shoot at an angle to the net. Facing the goal straight on means you will naturally be placing the ball closer to the keeper. Approach it at an angle, and you will find both finesse shots and driven shots flying past the keeper at a much higher rate
  • Fake them out! When a defender is approaching, use a fake shot to give them the idea you will shoot, and take it straight past them. The next time, shoot straight away. Playing mind games with your opponent like this will give you a definite advantage.
  • Round the keeper. There are several ways to take the keeper on, with varying success. Practice is key here. The first is to use the right analog stick pushed forward right as he slides, to knock the ball around him. The second is to either fake shot, or ball roll, to change the angle of your player, making the keeper miss (this can be achieved with many skills, worth practicing in Arena before attempting in game).
  • Chip him. Some players automatically run their keeper out as soon as you break through, using LB or L1 will make your player chip the keeper. Getting the power down is all about feel, but when they see you are willing to put it over them, they will be less and less likely to bring their keeper out, giving you more time to go through the above steps.

Specific Scenarios

Outside the box

FIFA 17 Long Shots

  • Understand your player. Is your player left footed or right footed? This can be crucial to deciding when to shoot or to dribble and get a better opportunity
  • Finesse. If you are close to the area, your best bet is to often finesse it to the opposite corner you are looking at, using 3/4 of the power bar (If your player is on his preferred foot or has high Weak foot skill)
  • Power. I advise using a powerful shot (Just using B or O) rather than finesse when you are further than around 20 yards from goal, or your player is on his weaker side. Finesse is about precision, and at this distance, your player will have more success powering past the keeper than bending it round him. Again the sweet spot is around 3/4 of the power bar

In the box

FIFA 17 How to score inside the Penalty Box

  • Finesse. In my opinon the best way to score in the box, approach the keeper at an angle and simply bend it round him. Power differs depending on where you are in the box, but practice and it will become second nature
  • Power. The best way to score with just a normal shot in the box is to actually use a new type of finish, which I will call the low shot, you power up the shot like normal (B or O) and then quickly tap the power button again, this sends the ball very low and hard across the floor, beating the keeper


FIFA 17 Shooting Tips

  • Timing. Although it has been the case for many FIFA’s, you cannot simply spam the shoot button anymore. Timing your header properly, and with a single press, will give you a much better chance of scoring.
  • Positioning. A tip that many people don’t know is that you can manually move your player by holding LT and RT (or L2 and R2), this allows you to give your player a chance to get a run on the ball, or get in front of the opposition defender. It can feel a little alien at first, but get the hang of it, it is a deadly too.
  • Come from deepCoupled with the advice above, come from deep and attack the ball to give your header more Oomph, and also to outjump those pesky CB’s who have been ruining your day.
  • Identify runs. Although this is a tip for crossing, if you see your ST put his hand out, try to hit him. This is built into the AI that they sometimes will see space you don’t, this will give you a huge advantage when attempting to win a header.

And there you have it, our tutorial on how to successfully score in FIFA 17. We covered General tips, which included how to score 1 on 1’s, but also scoring from a range of situations. If you enjoyed this article, please check out the others on the website, for all your Fifa needs.

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