FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Guide: Best Chemistry Styles for Each Position

FIFA 17 Chemistry Syle Cards guide

Welcome to our FIFA 17 Chemistry Styles guide in which we will reveal the best chemistry styles for each position as well as we will explain the features of each card. Do not forget also to read our other guide in which we explain how FIFA 17 chemistry works.

Chemistry cards, whilst not the first thing which springs to mind when identifying just how to improve your team, they should be. FIFA 17 Chemistry cards provide your player with boosts to specific attributes which will either shore up weaknesses, or amplify strengths, and at 10 chemistry, this is a significant bonus! Ea sports recently posted an article which detailed exactly what happens when you use a chemistry card on a player, and explained the math behind it. We will break this down for you, in an (hopefully!) easy to read manner, and get you well on your way to giving yourself every advantage possible on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team.

It can be a little overwhelming at first, attempting to understand just what chemistry card should be applied to each player. The age old question of whether you should improve a players strengths , or cover their weaknesses, is a debate which many have and continue to have. We here at Fifa-base hope to help you solve this argument, as well as identify just which card to apply to your player!


The increase in stats assumes a 100 chemistry team, and a 10 chemistry player.

Style name:


The basic chemistry style, which will come on all packed players, is exactly what it says in its title, its a basic addition to a player, that will give minimal increases to a lot of stats. I do not suggest having this chemistry style on a player, as the bonuses that come from the other chemistry styles are simply too big to ignore, and specialising players into particular roles is hugely important.

The basic chemistry style will give an increase to All stats of +5, excluding Sprint Speed, Long shots, crossing, FK accuracy, Balance, Reactions, Interceptions, Heading Accuracy, Stamina and Aggression.

FIFA 17 Best Chemistry Styles for Attackers

Generally for Strikers, but can be used for wingers also.


The sniper chemistry style applies the maximum upgrade to the categories of Shooting and Dribbling . This is ideal for a player who may already have the physical statistics (such as pace and strength) that you want, and you would like to improve their technical game. It can also accentuate the abilities of a technical player (such as a CAM) who already has very good Shooting and Dribbling

The Sniper chemistry style applies a 15 stat increase to :

Finishing, Penalties and Dribbling

A 10 stat increase to:

Positioning, Volleys and Balance

and a 5 stat increase to :

Agility, Reactions and Ball control


The finisher chemistry style applies the maximum upgrade to the categories of Shooting and Physical. Ideal for a player who is already quite fast, to give them the physical attributes to battle for the ball, or an already strong player, which will make them into a beast.

The Finisher chemistry style applies a 15 stat increase to :

Shot power, Long shot Accuracy and Jumping

a 10 stat increase to :

Volleys, Penalties, Strength and Aggression

and a 5 stat increase to :



The deadeye chemistry style applies the maximum bonus to both Shooting and Passing. Ideal for a pacey player upfront, or down the wings, or a technical midfielder to specialise them into a cannon, spraying both passes and shots from the centre of the field.

The Deadeye chemistry style applies a 15 stat increase to :

Finishing, Short passing,

a 10 stat increase to :

Positioning, Shot power, FK Accuracy, Curve

and a 5 stat increase to :

Long shot Accuracy, Penalties, Vision ,Long passing


Marksman is the first of the chemistries I will discuss to give increases to three stats, that is Shooting, Dribbling and Physical. this will apply a maximum of +10 and a minimum of +5 to applicable stats, but spreads them out over many more. I think this chemistry would be ideal for a player who already has a lot of pace and passing ability, to give them that increase to their other stats.

The Marksman gives an Increase of 10 to :

Positioning, Shot Power , Long Shot Accuracy, Volleys and Jumping

and a 5 stat increase to:

Finishing, Penalties, Agility, Reactions, Ball control, Dribbling, Strength and Aggression


Hawk is another chemistry style spread over three statistics, this time over Pace, Shooting and physical. This would be to improve a striker and specialize them into somewhat of a poacher, increasing their physical abilities and shooting. This player will not be passing, or will not be as able at passing, but will be deadly around goal.

Hawk gives a +10 increase to

Acceleration, Positioning, Shot Power, Long Shots, Volleys, Jumping and Aggression

and a +5 increase to

Sprint Speed, Finishing, Penalties and Strength

FIFA 17 Best Chemistry Styles for Midfielders


The first of our creative styles, the Artist chemistry style will give a +15 increase to Passing and Dribbling, turning the player into a playmaking machine. This player will be taking on the opposition, and finding the final pass for you. Either used to improve a CAM who already has physical stats, or upgrade a technical player to be a playmaking god.

Artist give +15 to:

Vision, Long passing and Dribbling

+10 to:

Short passing and reactions

and +5 to:

Crossing, Curve, Agility, Balance and Ball control


Architect, another which will give the +15 bonuses, but only covers two areas, which are Passing and Physical. Could be useful on a Deep lying playmaker, or on a player who already has the necessary skills in Pace, Dribbling and shooting.

Architect gives +15 to :

Crossing, Long Passing and Strength

+10 to :

Vision, Short passing and Aggression

and +5 to :

FK Accuracy, Curve and Jumping


Powerhouse, as its name suggests, turns a player into a defensive machine, improving both Defending and Passing by the maximum amount. This could be useful on a player who already has the necessary stats physically, or to turn a defensive midfielder into a ball winning midfielder.

Powerhouse gives +15 to:

Short passing and Standing Tackle

+10 to:

Vision, Long Passing, Curve, Marking and Sliding Tackle

and +5 to :

Crossing, Interceptions


A chemistry style which will improve your player in three areas, which are Shooting, Passing and Dribbling. This will create a very technical player, whether that be to bring the players below average abilities up, or to improve an already technical player.

Maestro will apply a +10 increase to :

Shot Power, Long shot Accuracy , Volleys, Free Kick Accuracy, Short Passing and Dribbling

and a +5 increase to :

Positioning, Finishing, Vision, Long Passing, Reactions and Ball control


Engine improves your players Pace, Passing and dribbling. This has a number of uses, and is one of the most heavily used chemistry styles, due to the increase in a physical stat such as pace, and also technical abilities. I most often see this used on wingers, or box to box midfielders.

Engine will apply a +10 increase to  :

Acceleration, Free Kick Accuracy, Short Passing , Balance and Dribbling

and a +5 increase to :

Sprint Speed, Vision, Crossing, Long Passing, Curve, Agility, Reactions and Ball control

FIFA 17 Best Chemistry Styles for Defenders


The first of our defensive chemistry styles, Sentinel will apply a maximum upgrade to both Defending and Physical. This is perfect to make a faster CB more solid, or to make a Strong , Physical CB an animal!

Sentinel will apply a +15 to :

Marking, Standing Tackle, Sliding tackle and Strength

a +10 to :

Heading Accuracy and Aggression

and a +5 to :

Interceptions and Jumping


Guardian, a little bit of a strange chemistry style, as it will improve your player in two areas, which are Dribbling and Defending . Although it may seem at first like why would you want a defending player to have dribbling, it might not occur that you can use it to cover a Fast, Passing players weakness, especially in a CDM role.

Guardian will apply a +15 to :

Dribbling and marking

a +10 to:

Balance, Interceptions, Standing Tackle and Slide tackle

and a +5 to:

Agility, Reactions, Ball Control and Heading Accuracy


Gladiator will turn any physical player into a goalscorer, with the increases to both Shooting and Defending (which don’t forget contains the Heading Accuracy stat!), or give that defensive midfielder the ability to ping them in as well!

Gladiator gives a +15 increase to:

Positioning, Heading Accuracy and Sliding Tackle

a +10 to:

Shot Power, Interceptions and Standing Tackle

and a +5 to:

Finishing, Long Shot Accuracy and Marking


Backbone increases the Passing, Defending and Physical of a player. This will specialise a CDM into a ball playing, but defensive midfielder, and can also cover the weaknesses of a faster CDM. It can also be used to turn a CB into a ball playing CB (for all of you Barcelona fans out there! )

Backbone gives a +10 increase to :

Short Passing, Marking, Standing Tackle, Sliding Tackle and Strength

and a +5 increase to :

Vision, Crossing, Long Passing, Curve, Interceptions , Heading Accuracy Jumping and Aggression


The final of our  “Defensive ” chemistry styles, the Anchor is perfect to create that incredible CB we are all looking for. Increasing the players stats in Pace, Physical and Defending. This player will be looking to boss the defense, not pass out, and is a very common card due to this.

Anchor gives a +10 increase to

Acceleration, Heading Accuracy, Marking, Standing Tackle, Sliding Tackle, Jumping , Strength and Aggression

and a +5 to :

Sprint Speed and Interceptions


Just a quick word before finishing off the list with the “specialist ” chemistry styles. I call them this as they generally speaking cost much more on the transfer market, due to them all improving Pace by the largest amount, coupled with either a Creative, Offensive or Defensive stat. These will be largely used to increase a players pace, and specialise them into one of the three roles mentioned.


Increasing pace and Finishing, Hunter is perfect to create that speedster striker capable of breaking through the defense of the opposition and wreaking havoc with their backline.

Hunter will give a +15 increase to :

Acceleration, Positioning and Penalties

a +10 increase to :

Sprint Speed, Finishing, Shot Power and Volleys

and a +5 increase to :

Long Shots


The increase in Pace, and Passing makes this ideal for midfielders who need to be quick around the box and in midfield, but also for wingers who already have the necessary dribbling to make them a force.

Catalyst gives an increase of +15 to:

Acceleration, Vision and Curve

a +10 increase to :

Sprint Speed, Crossing, Free Kick Accuracy and Short passing

and a +5 increase to:

Long Passing


The defensive card of the specialist set, this chemistry style will improve a players pace and defending. This is perfect for a CB who already possesses the necessary physical attributes to benefit from the Pace, or Defensive Wingbacks that you do not want going forwards.

Shadow gives an increase of +15 to:

Acceleration , Marking, Standing Tackle, Sliding Tackle

a +10 increase to :

Sprint Speed, Interceptions and Heading Accuracy

Zero Chem

If you have a player with 0 chemistry (who are you?) that player will take a -25 hit on all abilities. Meaning that even if you have a crazy player (such as Ronaldo) it is simply not worth playing them without chemistry


And there you have it, a very detailed analysis into just what FIFA 17 chemistry styles do for your players. If you enjoyed this article please check out the others on the website, and do not hesitate to contact us with any of your queries!

Information for this FIFA 17 guide was mainly gained from personal research, but used both the EA article on Chemistry , and their breakdown of stat increases, both which can be found on the links below

All credit to them for the release of this information, it has made it incredibly easy for us to understand chemistry styles!

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