FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Tutorial: Chemistry Styles explained

FIFA 17 Chemistry styles tutorial

Chemistry. Although we all strive to hit 100, and 10 on every player, many of us (including myself before conducting my research) had absolutely no idea on just what chemistry is, how it affects our players (although we knew it was positive) and why we should strive to reach 10 chemistry on all of our players on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. Well, we here at FIFA-Base can bring you all of this information through this FIFA 17 chemistry styles tutorial, as EA have finally revealed just what happens to a player in terms of chemistry.

So to explain it simply there is a scale from 0-100 in which your player will be judged on how much their abilities will improve (or decline). So at 50, he or she will receive no increase or decrease to their stats. This is the neutral state at which your player will have exactly the stats on their player card. Below 50,  they will start to reduce (along the scale) to 1, causing their abilities to be below what is stated on their player card. Above 50, the player will start earning increases in their abilities (which will change depending on the chemistry style applied, see our other article for a breakdown of this).  The maximum bonus a player can receive to any one stat is 15 but also they can receive smaller increases in 5 or 10 (again, explained in our other article), and the maximum they can lose is 25. Crazy right!

So where your player is on the scale will determine how much benefit they will get, this place on the scale is what I will refer to as their “number”.

(You can skip this bit as it maybe a little mathematical, we will provide a TL:DR just underneath but it is important to highlight just how your player gets improvements).

Starting XI

A player in the starting XI on FIFA 17 will receive 25% of his “number” from overall Team Chemistry, and 75% from his individual Chemistry. So the equation would look like (Team Chemistry x 0.25) + ((Individual Chemistry x 10) x 0.75)

so at 100 chem for the team, and 10 chemistry on a player, it would simply be 25+75, which would give your player 100. The maximum bonus. This is what we would like to achieve!

Substitute player

Interestingly, before research, we did not know how Substitute chemistry was worked out. However, finding some articles explaining it really opened our eyes, and we will share in this tutorial our revelation. So, the maximum a substitute can receive on their “number” mentioned above is 62.5, not 100. This means substitutes will receive a much hindered bonus on their abilities, compared to your starting XI. This is due to the fact the maximum individual player chemistry for a sub would be 5. So assuming 100 chemistry for your team…

Team chemistry : (100x 0.25) = 25.   Individual Chemistry : (5×10) x 0.75 = 37.5

Total = 62.5

TL:DR Starting XI can receive a maximum bonus of 15, and a minimum of 5 (depending on the Chemistry style ) by being in a team with 100 Chem and them having 10 chem

Substitutes can only receive a maximum of 4 increase to their stats, and a minimum of 0.2(assuming it will be rounded to 1) due to the hindrance EA has put in place coming off the bench.

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