The 5 Fastest Ways to Develop Young Players on FIFA 17

Weekly Training

Introduced in FIFA 16, every 7 days you can do 5 different training sessions with individual players, which will level up particular statistics, alongside their natural progression from getting game time. You cannot control the organic growth of a player (they develop differently, so it is good to identify what is naturally progressing) however within these training sessions you can hit particular stats which you want to improve. The training sessions take the form of Skill Games, and honestly, the best way to grow youth players is to simply become fantastic at the skill games. Their development is tied to the grade you attain in the skill games, so hitting A every time (the grade) is the fastest way to level them up. However, we understand that this would become laborious , and therefore FIFA 17 allow you to simulate the training sessions , and the players receive a random grade. I would advise that if you have a superstar youth player, do the training with him, and then sim the rest of the four.

  • Do the training EVERY week
  • If you have a superstar, manually control his skill games
  • Identify your 5 “best” youth players, and focus on them
  • Use weekly training to target particular stats
  • Use the retry button if you get a low grade
  • Do NOT focus just on one stat constantly
  • Identify how your player is developing naturally, and target other stats

Youth Academy

A really quick point, but one which is missed by many many players, is that when you have recruited a youth player to your academy, they will continue to grow until their 17th birthday, within the academy itself. I cannot state for sure, but I believe there is inflated growth within the academy, as oppose to being in the reserves or substitutes, so if you can, leave the player within your academy for as long as possible. You will receive a message notifying you when the player needs to be contracted. I cannot state how important this tip is.

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