15 Lower League Players to Sign in FIFA 17’s Career Mode.

FIFA 17 Bradford Jamieson IV
ST: Bradford Jamieson IV
Ovr : 63
Potential : 80
Age : 19
Club : LA Galaxy
Value : 700k
Wage : 1k

Our final player to make the list, Bradford Jamieson is a 19 year old, 6’1 striker from America, playing for LA Galaxy. Now, lets skip over the wages, and Value, and discuss them later, because his stats for his level are simply insanity. He has 86 Acceleration, 85 Sprint speed, 79 Agility, 71 Dribbling and 63 Finishing, on a 63 rated player! He also has a growth expectancy of 17, which will 100% carve him into a perfect poacher type striker, with his High/Low workrates assisting him in this also. He is valued at 700k, and 1k wages, so I would honestly advise to get this man as soon as he is available!

And there we have it, a list of 15 players, who wont break the bank, but will allow you to achieve your lower league success, and then compete at the highest level! Just a quick note at the end of this article, some of these players may not be available right at the beginning of the game, due to the fact they may have just signed for their respective clubs. No matter, just simply wait 1 season , and you will be able to purchase them as usual!

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