Top 300 wonderkids to buy on FIFA 17 Career Mode

FIFA 17 Wonderkids to buy on Career Mode

Grab your notebook and make sure you open a new tab for the new transfer targets! We assure you that you will need it.

With the new release of FIFA 17, it is time for us to take a look in the game database in order to investigate what are the best wonderkids with more potential to be explored.

One of the best feelings when playing in FIFA 2017 career mode is to observe the growth of our talented young players in our team. However, there are few players with the necessary potential to become the future kings of world football.

Because of that, we decided to compile a FIFA 17 wonderkids list where we reveal what are the best young players to buy in your FIFA 17 Career Mode. All positions on the field were covered. That is goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and strikers. Altogether there are about three hundred players on these lists selected from among hundreds of thousands of many other players who are part of the FIFA 17 database.

Also keep in mind that our lists include young players aged under 22 years old.

The links are below:

We also advise you to not forget to buy these wonderkids as fast as possible in your FIFA 17 career… Since they are young players with good potential their prices will increase over time, not to mention that they can be purchased by the giant teams of European football and then it will be very difficult to hire them.

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