100 Best Young Midfielders in FIFA 18 Career Mode

Best Young Midfielders in FIFA 18 Career Mode

It’s another FIFA 18-first. This time we’ve put together a list of the seven best in the midfield; the kitchen, where goals are cooked up and simmered before getting served to the back of the net. If you know anything about football then you know that beautiful football happens in the midfield area. To the point; if you’re going to put together a good team in career mode then you’re going to need a midfield consisting of a combination of a good CAM, CDM, and CM or LM and RM. Luckily for you, we have put together yet another list of our best seven picks in the new FIFA installation, and they’re something! These players will help your FIFA 18 career mode team maintain steady ratings and play good football. So sit back and enjoy.

Important Note: Below are our 7 recommendations… Do not forget that we have the complete list of the top 100 midfielders on this other page. So do not forget to go there after reading this article!

Marco Asensio
With a preferred left foot and a price tag of €46 million, Asensio comes with some impressive footwork skills. His overall rating in FIFA 18 stands at 84 with the potential of growing up to a stunning 92. Dribbling 83, curve 83, ball control 86, crossing 79, finishing 82, crossing 79, short passing 86, long passing 81 and shot power 84. I mean, what more is there to say? The 21-year-old has done wonders for Real Madrid in real life and it will certainly be reflected in the game. If you know how to, you’ll find it fun to use him in a false 9 position. He has shown great promise and at his young age, he will be fun to grow through the seasons as you use his skills to move the ball forward and put in goal after goal.

Dele Alli
Playing for Manchester City, Dele Alli has become one of the most promising footballers in the EPL, and his ratings in FIFA reflect this. He has an overall rating of 84 with the potential of growing up to 90. Standing at 6ˈ2˝, Alli has a lot of promise and potential. His strong suit ratings are as follows: dribbling 83, reaction 85, ball control 85, stamina 89, short passing 83 and finishing 84. Although he doesn’t exactly have an excellent sprint speed (76), acceleration (77) or shot power (77), you will not need these attributes very much in the midfield area. His dribbling, stamina, reaction, and passing should be enough to augment your midfield and make your career team play impressively. So don’t be shy, try him out and see what we mean.

Ousmane Dembele
The CAM Frenchman comes with a price tag of €40 million euros and an impressive rating of 83. His potential for growth stands at a maximum of 92, with his performance this season having been nothing short of impressive. He has a lot to give in terms of performance, something that has been seen in the recently commenced season. Despite being ruled out for an injury, the mere fact that he plays for Barcelona tells more than a lot. His FIFA standings are not bad either: dribbling 92, ball control 85, acceleration 93, sprint speed 89, agility 90, reactions 82, balance 85, shot power 82 and positioning 78. This is a combination of all the things you can want in an attacking midfielder. Ousmane’s pace is fast and his gameplay is impressive, having the capability of easily breaching defensive lines. This makes him formidable as a midfielder and definitely a player to use in career mode.

Thomas Lemar
Playing in the left midfield position for AS Monaco, Lemar comes with an overall rating of 83 and growth potential reaching up to 91. Just this season, there have been back and forth negotiations for Lemar, both from Arsenal and Liverpool. Yes, he is that good. The Frenchman has the following impressive skill ratings: crossing 82, short passing 82, dribbling 888, curve 81, finishing 78, ball control 86, acceleration 86, sprint speed 84, agility 85, balance 84, and shot power 82. Put them together and you have yourself a fast-paced, steady, and agile left midfield.

Leroy Sane
Playing for Manchester City, Sane comes with an overall rating of 82 and a potential of growing up to 91. At 21 years old with a preferred left foot, he has made a name for himself in the EPL. Fans of social FIFA playing will most definitely know his name, which says enough about his notoriety. Dribbling 87, ball control 84, curve 82, sprint speed a whizzing 94, acceleration 93, agility 89, balance 82, and shot power 78. There are opinions flying around that this kid could surpass Bale if he commits to staying in the league for a while. Give him a go and see for yourself.

Julian Weigl
Finally, a Center Defensive Midfield player! Weigl at 6ˈ11˝ and 21 years, has shown quite a performance at Borussia Dortmund. He is coming to FIFA 18 with an overall rating of 82 and the potential of growing up to 85. Although his skill ratings are not as high as you might expect, you can still expect a good defensive midfield performance from him. Specifics come as follows: dribbling 73, long passing 83, ball control 81, acceleration 74, reactions 84 and sprint speed 67 (but you won’t need him to run a lot, now, will you?). These stats would have been wanting for a CAM midfielder but not a CDM midfielder. He’s perfect.

Andreas Christensen
Playing for Chelsea in the CDM position, Christensen comes with an overall rating of 81 and the potential of growth up to a maximum of 89. Basically, the same principle applies as they do for Weigl. Stats have been leveled as follows: dribbling 68, long passing 72, ball control 72, short passing 76, acceleration 70, sprint speed 73, reactions 80. If you play FIFA you know reaction and agility are almost all you need in a CDM. Try him out. His performance for this season has not been all that bad either, although it can’t be said to be perfect. He, however, has more than enough room for growth and you should be able to capitalize on that in career mode.

And there you go, another seven best picks for your midfield in career mode. You’re free to go for whichever players tickle your fancy but be sure to have at least two of these in your career team for a good experience. Be sure to choose your players evenly on all areas of the field, otherwise, you may find yourself with a strong attack and a flimsy defense or the other way around. But whatever your choice is, always remember to enjoy yourself. So get your copy of FIFA 18 and get to playing. You can thank us later.

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