6 Challenging Teams You Should Manage in FIFA 18 Career Mode

Best Teams to Manage in FIFA 18 Career Mode

So the next level of FIFA is finally upon us, and it’s all about who’s got the juice. If you’re an avid player (especially a social one) you’ll know FIFA 18 gets very serious. So you’ll want the very best you can find if you’re to have a stress-free gaming experience. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the very best and most challenging football teams to manage in the FIFA 18 Career Mode to give you a good fighting chance no matter your preferred level of difficulty. With big budgets and surprising signings everywhere, it is not difficult to see how 2018 is going to be a year of excitement and fast-paced gameplay. It is especially going to be exciting if you’re to use an EPL team because the fever is almost at its peak. So sit back and select your preferred team as you wait for EA to bring home the game that keeps winning our hearts over and over again. You can thank us later.

This year, in our annual list of the best teams to use in FIFA we at FIFA-Base decided to add a challenge to each of the teams recommended by us (you can see our challenge at the end of the analysis of each of the teams). Good luck and tell us in the comments if you managed to overcome the challenge.

Real Madrid

It has been a summer of change for La-Liga giants, with names like Morata, Danilo, Pepe and Hamez all leaving for new prospects. But don’t think for a second that that will have an impact on Real Madrid’s performance, they’re still a properly effective team of world-class players. Marco Asensio, one of Real’s many rising stars, has started the season with quite a kick. Having only cost around 4 million euros some time back, Asensio has become integral to Real Madrid’s game chemistry and he will not disappoint in FIFA 18. As usual, Cristiano Ronaldo’s ratings can only get better. The star goal-maker will be one of the names to keenly watch in FIFA 18 and he will certainly live up to the task or rather play up to it. Taking up Real Madrid in career mode is likely to guarantee short-term success and pretty much-continued domination in the long haul.

Challenge: Win everything with Real Madrid in the first season of FIFA 18 career mode. La Liga & National Cups + Champions League + UEFA Super Cup.

Manchester United
It is a good time to be a fan of English football with five teams in the Champions’ League group stage. Manchester United will certainly be a team to watch. Leave alone the fact that they have had pretty good signings this season, their form has been nothing but excellent. As it stands, they’re at the top of the league table, only rivaled by Manchester City. This season the Red Devils have signed Lukaku from Everton. This should see some goals getting scored for fun. Manchester also signed a fresh new center-back, Lindelof. With Zlatan’s skill, Rashford’s speed and Martial’s hard work, Manchester United will be a team to watch, not forgetting Matiç who also joined the English giants this season. Manchester will give you a very good presence if the English Premier League is your fancy for career mode.

Challenge: You should win Premier League and try to reach the Champions League Final.

Chelsea went in with Bakayoko’s signing from Ligue One’s Monaco, Morata from Spanish royalties Real Madrid and Zappa Costa. That’s some serious work being put into the team’s midfield and striking. It will certainly be interesting to see how it pans out for Stamford Bridge’s blues this season in real life. In the game, however, Antonio Conte’s boys are definitely going to be something to watch. The rating of the team is expected to hit peak figures, considering how excellent they were last season. If you’re looking for fast-paced gameplay and multiple wins, Chelsea will be an excellent choice in career mode.

Challenge: Here, you can try the same challenge as Manchester United.

Challenging Teams
It’s as good a time as any to talk about PSG’s crazy business, signing up Neymar from Barcelona. That was a signal of some serious intentions by PSG and if you’ve been following France’s league then you know the leading team means business. PSG also brought in Mbape from Monaco. Sadly, Serge Aurier left to join Spurs, which is quite a loss. They did, however, sign Dani Alves, so there’s that. At this point, the number of attacking players PSG has is almost outrageous, and you should expect the impact of that to be reflected in the game. That having been said, if you’re looking for a serious challenge in the next release, PSG is it. Take an English team and meet these gladiators in Championship’s League for one hell of a run. Neymar, Mbape, Cavani, DiMaria. Draxler, Ben Arfa. These are names that are certain to shake you up, especially if you’re going for an EPL team. If anything, PSG has continuously shown that anything is possible for them this season.

Challenge: Focus on winning the Ligue 1 + National Cups + Champions League.

Brighton and Hove Albion
This is a surprising choice even for me. You’re probably thinking: what’s so challenging about Brighton? Brighton just got promoted to the Premier League and they signed Ryan, who right now has a rating of 80. If there’s one thing you learn over the years is that new promotions almost always present formidable oppositions in FIFA, especially because no one ever sees it coming. It’s going to be interesting to see how they rate against the more average teams in the EPL and I’m certain they will do a good job of establishing a presence. They have also shown a steady performance in the Championships, and FIFA will reflect that performance in their latest installation.

Challenge: Top 10 in Premier League + win a National Cup.

Tottenham Hotspur
With new signings bringing in Fernando Llorente and the existing squad having shooters like Son and Harry Kane, it’s easy to see why Spurs will be a team to reckon with in 2018’s installation. Their performance this season has been relatively good and that standard is certain to be carried into the game. Spurs’ standing in the league table is at #5 with 8 points and an impressive performance so far. The team’s reorganization is also likely to make its performance on the console very hyper. Therefore if you’re looking for a challenging run with an EPL team, Tottenham Hotspur is going to give you a run for your money.

Challenge: Win the Premier League + National Cups and try to reach the Champions League quarter-finals

These are our six best picks. Of course, there are myriads of other good teams on there, but when it comes to big budget and exciting gameplay, these six names are definitely at the top of the best and most challenging. Whatever team you choose for you FIFA 18 Career Mode, be ready for an exciting and blood-rushing experience with the all-new FIFA. The game doesn’t disappoint with its graphics either. Whatever your choice may be, just remember to have fun because FIFA 18 is going to be nothing if not epic.

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