7 best Free Agents in FIFA 18 Career Mode

Best Free Agents in FIFA 18 Career Mode

For every FIFA player, winning matches is spectacular. To win such matches, you will need an incredible team to back you up against your opponents. Finding a strong team can be costly especially with the contracted players. You end up spending your money. How about if you could supplement your FIFA 18 career mode team with great players at no cost, Free agents.
These high talent players without a contract can be added to your career mode team without causing a dent in your transfer budget.
Below is a compilation of top 7 talents in the various positions available in the market that can be sourced for free for FIFA 18 Career Mode. However, we here at FIFA-Base not only made the list of the 7 best free agents… We also have the extensive list that includes the 100 best free agents! To elaborate that list we have taken into account the two most important criteria: rating overall, and potential rating. Now let’s move on to the presentation of the 7 best players without a contract…

1. Marcus Berg comes out as a top striking reinforcement. The 30-year-old Swedish international was born on August 17, 1986. For a striker, 6’0″ height gives him a jumping advantage in attacks for high balls to provide the finishing you will require to get that goal over the goalkeeper. He weighs 163lbs, strong enough to achieve the stamina required to withstand the opponents defense.
Of his striking skills, finishing and positioning are highly rated, at 82 and 83 respectively.
Marcus is right footed and he plays for Sweden national team as a right striker. He has appeared 309 times netting 149 goals in his career.
Marcus has an overall rating of 80.

2. Oscar dos Santos Emboaba
Commonly referred to as Oscar by his field name. Oscar is a right-footed Brazilian international who plays for the Brazil national team as a center attacking midfielder. At age 25, he weighs 148lbs and stands 5’10” tall.
He has featured in 216 matches scoring 37goals.
Outstanding of his gameplay is his agility and ball control. He has great dribbling skills and is well talented in providing short passes when playing an attacking game. He positions himself well in the field and has a good vision to provide quality long curved shots to the box.
He is well known for his long-shot taking and technical dribbling skills.
He has an overall rating of 83.

3. Adrien Silva
Adrien S. Perruchet Silva is a right-footed Portugal midfielder who plays for the national team as a center mid. He doubles up as a defensive midfielder.
Born on March 15th, 1989, Silva, 28, stands 5’9″ tall and weighs 152lbs. He has an outstanding stamina rated 89. He has featured in 203 matches scoring 37 goals.
His shot powering abilities make him an ideal CDM to clear the ball away from danger. His interceptive capabilities make him outstanding in winning balls from opponents. Combining dribbling skills and ball control capabilities, Silva stands out as an integral part of a great midfield. Remarkable qualities are his passes both short and long experiencing a high degree of accuracy, penalty taking and composure when in possession of the ball are highly rated.
Silva boasts a wide vision for a midfielder to open up the game and for effective passes.
He stands out as a flair and long shot taker.
Silva has an overall rating of 83.

4. Axel Witsell
Aged 28, Witsel is a Belgian international who plays for the Belgian national team as an LCM. He doubles up as a CDM and can play as a CAM.
Right-footed, Witsell stands 6’1″ tall for incredible jumping heading capabilities and weighs 161lbs.
Born on the 12th of January 1989, he has appeared in 275 matches netting 45 times.
He has a wide range of outstanding traits peaking is his composure, stamina and ball control. Witsell is an incredible dribbler who is well talented in short passes when playing an attacking game. He does double up as being good in tackling when it comes to playing a defensive game.
He is good in penalties and has a good stamina.
Witsell has an overall rating of 82.

5. Gil
Carlos Gilberto do Nascimento Silva was born on June 12th, 1987. A right-footed Brazillian international who stands at 6’4″ tall and weighs 192lbs. Gil is strong and aggressive when sourcing a ball from an opponent.
Gil has appeared in 332 matches scoring 18 times.
His strength and aggressiveness play a big role in his tackling skills. He has a good composure and marks his defense line well.
He is rated 77 overall.

6. Zhi Zheng
Sums up our defense for his quality traits of team leadership and playmaking. At 36, Zhi has the aggression to intercept balls from opponents and the stamina to withstand the defensive challenges.
He plays as an RDM for the China People Republic’s national team.
He has featured in 240 games scoring 20 times.
Playing a defensive position would require not only intercepting balls from opponents but also, holding the ball enough to send it the right direction. Zhi has amazing qualities in sending out long curved passes. Adding to that is his good vision of the pitch.
He has a rating of 76.

7. Cristopher Toselli
Toselli is a Chilean substitute goalkeeper for the Chile national team. Born on June 15th, 1988, Toselli has featured 212 times having scored no goal.
Weighing 165lbs and at 6’0″ height, Toselli is good at jumping for high balls. His goalkeeper diving, positioning, handling, and reflexes are good.
He has an overall rating of 75.

A strong team is usually characterized by high-profile signings, often amounting to huge costs on the game. However, if you could build a strong team taking advantage of the free agents available in FIFA 18 Career Mode, you would end up with a not only bigger backup squad to back your main team but also, get players at absolutely no cost. Some of these free agents of FIFA 18 are high-profile players who add stunning qualities to the nature of your game. Talk of team leadership and playmaking in Zhi Zheng, agility and ball control in midfield agents as Oscar, strength, and aggressiveness in defensive Gil and goalkeeping abilities in Toselli. These incredible Free Agents, though sourced for free, can help you earn money you can use to further supplement your squad.
Happy gaming!

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