7 Best Young Defenders in FIFA 18 Career Mode

7 Best young defenders in FIFA 18 Career Mode

If you’re an avid player of FIFA’s career mode then you know that defenders are the crux of holding your position in every season, especially in the international leagues. This is especially true when you go against the more developed teams; you’ll need every defensive advantage you can find. Not only that, you’ll need good defenders even when playing for kicks with your friends. That means you will want to know which teams have the highest defensive advantages. That’s why we compiled a list of some of the best young defenders in FIFA 18 Career Mode, complete with their ratings and season performance. With these players signed to your team in career mode, you will have an easier time climbing up the tables in career mode and you’ll definitely have more fun depending on how good you are. Look through our top 7 list of young defenders and see what’s what, you won’t be disappointed. Alternatively (and it is important to mention), we also produced the complete list of the best 100 young defenders, and you can check it on this page.

Niklas Süle

The talent that is Niklas Süle has been made more than capable with his signing along Rudy, who was a free signing himself. Just in case you don’t know how valuable Niklas is, he was first approached by Chelsea before opting for Bayern Munich. He has a rating of 83 with a potential of maxing out at 89 in FIFA 18, which for a defender is pretty impressive. Not only that, Niklas is humongous and physical, which makes him perfect for EA’s 2018 installation. And to think that he is only 21 years old.

Jonathan Tah

Barcelona made an inquiry to Leverkusen for him, that’s how good Jonathan Tah is. The 21-year-old is nothing short of confident, playing his Center Back position like a seasoned professional. He has been given a rating of 82 in FIFA 18 with the potential of reaching 88. Given the fact that Germany’s league this season has become mainly defensive, you will want this guy on your team, especially if your career is in Bundesliga. Tah is going to be a piece to watch, likely to take the place of names like Mertesacker, Boateng, and Hummels. Netted in by Hamburg SV at the tender age of 14, Tah will be among the top 100 to watch in 2017, and that will certainly be reflected in FIFA 18. If you’re looking to create a good defense with room for talent expansion, this guy’s your Center Back.

Alejandro Grimaldo Garcia

Having played for Barcelona, it is safe to say that Grimaldo has had quite the seasoning. Having been signed off to Benfica by Barcelona despite speculations that he would fill the void that was left by Adriano Correia, Alejandro Grimaldo has shown nothing but focus and continued growth in his career with Benfica. Now he has become quite the formidable force, clocking an excellent 80 in overall points with the potential of reaching 87 points in FIFA 18. He is a player you will want to have on your team if you’re looking to grow the youngest talents in FIFA 18.

Kenny Tete

Olympique Lyonnais’s star Right Back player comes with an age tag (is that a thing?) of 21, fresh new talent that presents great growth in FIFA 18. He has been given a rating of 77 in FIFA 18, which if you ask me is a little too low. He, however, has the potential of rocking it to 83, which isn’t all that bad, to be honest. And after the trouble he put Neymar through in their September 19th match against PSG, it is safe to say Tete is one to watch out for. He will most likely be pumped in FIFA 18 owing to his actual performance so far in the season, so you will want to keep an eye (or two) on him when making signing choices in career mode. Try him out and see what happens, we have a feeling you’ll like it.

Luke Shaw

You guessed it; 21 years old. Luke Shaw, Manchester United’s Left Back has been given a 79 rating in FIFA 18, having the potential to rise to 84. And just because he’s that good, there are reports that Manchester United has plans to extend his contract to 2019. Even though he is not first-choice left back for Mourinho based on a disappointing performance against Burton Albion, Shaw has a lot of potential and will grow fast in FIFA 18 depending on how well you use him. I would keep the English player in mind when playing career mode.

Jorge Mere Perez

Perez plays for Köln with a determination only comparable to Asensio’s rise in Real Madrid. At only 20 years old, Perez has shown more than potential in his position as Center Back. FIFA 18 has rated the very young player at 78, with the potential of reaching 84. You will want to sign him to your career team because he has so much room for growth and will certainly be fast in the game. It is probably a plus that he has so much to offer based on his performance as far as this season is concerned.

Andreas Christensen

He has been rated at 81 with the potential of growth up to 89 in EA’s latest installation. At 21, he has already began setting up the blueprint for Chelsea’s youngsters. Chelsea’s youngsters from the academy have been continually loaned out and eventually sold. But not Christensen; Conte has shown an intent to keep him in the team and has played him a couple of times, with a stunning performance on the part of the player. The Danish star was recognized as having potential for superb growth by John Terry, long before FIFA 18 was set to come out. And now, he has shown more than great potential on the field. He will be an asset in career mode and you can expect better performance as you progress through the seasons of the game. More importantly, he is a growing talent, which equates to about a million ways you can turn him into an absolute beast in your career.

These are our top picks for budding defenders with incredible potential for growth in FIFA 18. You may build a formidable team by any means, but you can’t-do without a strong defense to put you in a good place against worthy opponents, especially taking into account the fact that FIFA 18 is going to be a high-adrenaline game. Of course, you may have your favorites, but you’ll certainly still want to consider these names in your quest for the ultimate career mode team.

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