7 Best Young Strikers and Wingers in FIFA 18 Career Mode

Best Young Strikers and Wingers in FIFA 18 Career Mode

If history and rumors are anything to go by, FIFA 18 is going to be fast-paced with a lot of adrenaline rush for those who love the game. This means you will want aggressive players in your team for career mode. That having been said, the new player ratings offer quite some interesting choices for you to pick from. More specifically, there are a number of young strikers and wingers you will want on your team if you’re looking for high performance and good room for growth as you proceed through the seasons. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 best and youngest available strikers and wingers, their ratings and why you will most definitely want to use them in FIFA 18 career mode. Do not forget that we also have here in FIFA-Base the complete list of the 100 best strikers and wingers.

And the winning prize goes to:
Kylian Mbappe

At just 18 years old, Mbappe has garnered 83 overall points in FIFA 18 with the potential of reaching 94. The Monaco player, who is currently on loan to PSG, has become a Ligue 1 title winner. The deal with PSG is expected to become permanent at a whopping 180 million euros, and for good reason too. Mbappe has done nothing short of bringing glory to PSG, with his performance against Bayern Munich in the UEFA league pushing his stats up. You can expect some pretty fast-paced action from him in career mode, should you choose to use him. The margin between current points and his potential also presents a good potential for growth.

Timo Werner

Height, 5ˈ11˝, weight 165lbs. Werner comes at an overall rating of 82 with the potential of reaching 87. With a valuation of €30.5 million and a weak foot rating of four, you can expect good things from the RB Leipzig striker. He has been hailed as an ultimate diver in FIFA 18 with a knack for skilled dribbling and beating defensive lines. Werner is also a speedster. Combine all these traits and you have yourself a very good striker with nothing else to lose.

Anthony Martial

The Manchester United striker comes in at a rating of 82 with the potential of reaching 90. Valued at €33 million, he has shown quite the promise for the English team. He has impressive attacking statistics; a crossing of 73 points, finishing of 81, heading accuracy of 70, short passing of 75 and volleys at 74. These points combined with a ball control of 84 and dribbling of 88 points make for an amazing play. You will definitely want to give him a go in career mode. The fact that he is just 21 years old is an added plus, giving you room for full growth and skill maximization.

Gabriel Jesus

Jesus came from quite the humble beginnings, quickly gaining recognition and climbing up the football hierarchy to become one of the most promising young strikers in football today. At only 20 years old, the Brazilian Manchester City striker has made quite the name for himself. But you will want to use him in career mode mainly because he has a perfect positioning, which will come in handy for through passes to convert into scores. His ratings are; overall 81, potential 92, weak foot 4 star, crossing 66, finishing 83, heading accuracy 66, short passing 75 and volleys 67. Dribbling skills have been placed at 87 with ball control at 85 and curve at 76. These all add up to make for a quick play if you know how to time your passes during attacks. You may want to try him out, we have a feeling you’ll like him on your team.

Marcus Rashford

Rashford has been causing quite a stir in Machester United, competing with established names like Ibrahimovic and Lukaku in terms of recognition. At a meager age of 19 years old, the young star comes in at an overall rating of 80 with the potential of reaching 89. It goes without saying that his age makes him a special favorite for future growth, which means you will most definitely want to get him on board with your team in career mode. More importantly, Rashford comes with a dribbling stat of 83, an acceleration of 93 and a sprint speed of 92. If you’ve been watching him play you’ll know these statistics are as accurate as they get. Not only that, his shot power is at 82, with a stamina of 83. Combine a superhuman acceleration with excellent dribbling and powered shots and what you have are goals. If you’re looking to play an attacking game in career mode, he will be among your first considerations.

Bertrand Taoré

Representing from Ligue 1, Taoré comes at a height of 5ˈ11˝ and a striking ability to reckon with. The Olympique Lyonnais striker has an overall rating of 79 with the potential of growing to 85. Valued at €17.5 million, he has shown great potential and excellent performance in the ongoing season. His skill focus is on dribbling at 85 points, with ball control at 86 and an acceleration of 85. His sprint speed is 90, which means that with good positioning and perfect timing, you can easily use him to beat a solid defensive line. Try him in career mode and see what we mean.

André Miguel Valente da Silva

The name speaks for itself; it is awesome. At age 21 and a perfect height of 6ˈ
11˝, da Silva has an unsurprising head accuracy of 77. If your favorite attack plan is to cross from the wings finished by headers, this is definitely the man you’re looking for. He comes with an overall rating of 78 with the potential of growing up to a good 86 points. Although his weak foot is rated at 3 stars, his sprint speed more than makes up for that at 85 points. His stamina falls at 85 with jumping stats at 84. Like we said; if your favorite attack plan is crosses and headers, this is the man you’re looking for. An added advantage is his positioning, put at 83, which in English simply means he is that good.

These are our 7 favorite strikers in EA’s newest installation of FIFA. Do you have anyone else in mind? We doubt it. If you’re looking for excellent attacking gameplay and fast-paced strikes at your opponents in career mode, these are the names you will want to consider before any other. So pick up your copy of FIFA 18 and get to playing. So there you have it, the creme de la creme of striking in FIFA 18.

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