4 Ways to Cheat in FIFA 18 Career Mode – The Unlimited Money Glitch

FIFA 18 Career Mode Cheats

Money. It’s the one thing which seems to have flooded into football faster than anything else, and many clubs appear to have limitless money. However, FIFA 18 still holds clubs to their actual transfer budget, and for some people, they may want more. In order to make a super club on FIFA 18 Career Mode (That is, buy every single player you want) or in fact to just run a huge monopoly where you can do whatever you want without consequence, you need money. Within this article I will take you through a few tips on exactly how to cheat and get unlimited money throughout your career in FIFA 18 career mode. I will start with the infinite transfer budget cheat, however, do bare in mind this is an exploit, and may get patched, or may not be something you want to do , but it is the easiest way to get unlimited money quickly.


This is the FIFA 18 way of getting near limitless money as a club owner in the career mode, regardless of who you manage. However, I must concede at the start of this section that it is much easier to do with a team that has a higher budget, but it can be done with any club, it may just take longer with a smaller club.

So the first step of this cheat is to get to the final two weeks of the season, this changes depending on which league you are in , but you must leave it as late as possible in the season to proceed. This is due to the Financial constraints put on the clubs in the new FIFA, it will become clearer as it is explained. (This can either be done by Simming or genuinely playing through , your choice.) To sim, you simply go to Calendar, and find the date 2 weeks before the end of the season.

Secondly, you want to shift all of your budget so you have around 95% of it in wages. This is crucial, as this will directly impact the amount of money you will generate. You need to save around 5% for signing on fees.  This is done by going to Office > Finances > Budget Allocation

Thirdly, you want to give contracts to players you WILL NOT keep. These can be players who are not good enough to play, or you simply want to get rid of. I would advise not doing it with your starting line up, but it can be done with them also. The only reason I say this is you WILL BE getting rid of these players. You want to identify how much wage budget you have available, so if it is at a top club, it may be in the millions. Identify how many you want to do this with, and split the wage budget evenly between these players. I will break this down a little later on (In bulletpoints). Give them a contract which  we figured out earlier. You give yourself two weeks as we need these players to accept.

The Contract

  • Maximum amount of your wage budget you can use
  • Player must not be in range of retirement.
  • You must not have only just signed the player as they won’t be tradeable next season
  • Give the player the length of contract and role they want !

Just a warning , the maximum amount is capped for certain squad roles . In order to give them whatever money you want , they have to be an important or crucial first team player !

Once you have done this, your wage budget should look ridiculous. Don’t worry. At the end of the season (So 1 week from this point) the season will end, and your club will give you back your transfer budget. THIS IS THE GLITCH. Regardless of how much money you make, or lose in a season, the club gives you a predetermined amount. Next, to exploit it.

The players you have given huge contracts can’t be sold, as no club will pay their wages. However, the game doesn’t factor this in to trades. So you should now go and buy players who are very bad, or you know you absolutely can sign. And in the contract, you should trade one of the players you have given a massive contract to. Once this transfer goes through, you will get their wage budget back , and this will inflate your transfer budget massively!

Make sure you Trade the players as quickly as possible, as they will destroy your wages!

This can be done once per season, and will provide you with nearly limitless amounts of money. This is the only glitch I have found that works, and therefore the only reliable way of making a lot of money quickly.

So as a summary:

  • Fast forward to the end of the season
  • Offer players you will not use a contract for all of your wage budget (Split it amongst multiple players if possible)
  • End the season
  • Your budget will be allocated back to you
  • Trade off the players with huge wages (NOT SELL, TRADE) for players you are guaranteed to get (bad players)
  • Repeat each season to make masses of money (I made £100 million at Doncaster in 1 season doing this)
FIFA 18 Career Mode Cheat
The Transfer Budget after the glitch.


So the second way is very simple, and that is to buy a takeover through the catalogue, which is as simple as going to your EA Sports catalogue and purchasing the financial takeover. There’s a financial takeover for level 10, 25 and 35 so in total there’s three to get. The higher they are means the more money that you’ll get for your transfer kitty. This can be done 1 per season, so obviously it will take yourself 3 seasons to do . It is the simplest method to get money from the game, Simply select the financial package you want and it will say redeem , once you have done this the item will be yours and you’ll have money in the form of a billionaire backer.  There isn’t much to comment on here however, as it is so simple. It only works a total of three times on FIFA 18 though, unless you can get one of your friends to gift you a Financial takeover, so be wary about using it frivolously.

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