4 Ways to Cheat in FIFA 18 Career Mode – The Unlimited Money Glitch

FIFA 18 Career Mode Cheats


Another way to make money on FIFA 18 over a few seasons is to sign Free Agents, with the ambition of selling them on . Obviously if the player (especially at lower league level) is better than the players you are using, by all means use them. But signing Free Agents literally opens them up to be sold next year for profit, even if it may be minor. I know throughout my career modes on FIFA, you can find free agents around the level 70-75 mark, and these will sell for around £1 million each, after one season . You just have to be patient with this method, and although it isn’t very exploit heavy, if you do this successfully you will find a massive increase in your wage budget. Obviously you have to identify players who will be worth something through scouting, but I thought I would include this as it is my favorite method of making money especially with low level clubs.

You can check our list of the Best Free Agents here, or check the tips below if you prefer to do it in the game.

So the way to find the best Free Agents is as follows:

  • Go to Transfers > Search Players > Transfer Status > Free Agents Search
  • Scroll through the players, paying attention to their Minimum and maximum attributes under summary. This is dependant on what level your club is at, but they want to be around the same level, or better than your current squad. Scout the ones which achieve this.
  • Once scouted, sign up any players who are the same level as your team, or better. Use them for only one season, then sell them on in the next transfer window.
  • Profit.

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