4 Ways to Cheat in FIFA 18 Career Mode – The Unlimited Money Glitch

FIFA 18 Career Mode Cheats


This is my last way in this article but it is my second favourite way of making money. Pump all of your income into finding youth talent! Youth talent is an investment, for both your squad and your budget. For an investment of around 5 million , you can hire a top scout who will for the rest of the future, will find you young players. These players , with this 5 million investment, will far surpass that within the first few seasons. This is the thing, you have to have time on your hands. Youth players take a long time to develop, and selling them early isn’t that fruitful. But in 5-6 seasons, It’s almost a guarantee that you will see a massive increase in your profit. Not only that, but you may also find that amazing youth player who will be in your team for seasons to come. This is the gamble, but the downside isn’t even really a downside, as either you find that amazing player, or you make money. Not at all bad.

So my advice for creating a Youth Academy is :

  • How to access Youth Academy- Go to Office > Youth Staff Hire Staff
  • Who to Hire – As a benchmark, anyone over 3 Star 3 Star in each role. Ideally you will be hiring only the best scouts, but for lower league teams this is where you should be. Minumum 3 Star in experience, 3 star in Judgement. The stat which I weight more is Judgement , as it allows you to identify good players much earlier.
  • Where to send them – My personal choice is to send them to Europe if I’m European, but truthfully I’ve found no bonus as to where I send them. My advice would be to send them to footballing nations, rather than small nations, as it only seems logical there would be more talent in somewhere like Brazil, rather than Finland (Sorry Finland). Also, for an in depth scout, I would always use 9 months, rather than three. This is an investment, and 9 months allows your scout ample time to find the appropriate players.
  • What specialties to search for – This depends if you are looking for profit, or to improve your team. For profit, I would advise looking for Wingers,  Attackers or Technically Gifted players, as these sell for the most. For your team, whichever you need! Although as a caveat, Physically strong players tend to produce defenders or Central Defensive Midfielders, Technically gifted can produce any midfield place and the rest are self explanatory .

I hope this guide has been informative. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us!






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