List of Pre-Contract Players in FIFA 18 Career Mode

FIFA 18 Career Mode Pre-Contract Players

Like previous versions, career mode is all about building a competitive team for challenges. FIFA 18 is no exception. To ensure success, besides your gaming skills, a strong team would guarantee winning matches, either offline or online thus earning coins you can use to make purchases in FIFA.
A strong squad is often characterized by high-quality players, often in bigger clubs, however for any career mode gamer, you should know that you can build a team from the lowest ranked clubs as Accrington Stanley to be strong enough to participate in the premier league.

Below we will explain what is a FIFA 18 pre-contract, how to hire players for free through this method, and what is the best time to start the negotiations. If you already know the answers to these questions, you can scroll down and move on to our list of the top 4 players with contracts expiring in 2018, 2019, and 2020. Click here if you want to access the complete list that includes the top 300 players whose contracts expire in the first, second, and third seasons.

How am I going to do this?
Buying high-profile players from the transfer market would be the ideal option of making a weak club strong enough to participate and win competitions. This would make a dent in your FIFA coins.
Highly rated players are often available with high price tags attached to their contracts but what if you could sign these players on a free transfer when their contracts expire?
Fifa has made it possible to sign players in a pre-contract in FIFA 18 Career Mode.

Then again what is a FIFA 18 pre-contract?
Players are tied down to the clubs they currently play for with a release clause to them if you would want to buy them. However, approaching a player or his agents and offering them a deal prior to the expiry of their new contracts would ensure you get them on your team when they reach the end of their current contracts provided you give them good terms.

How do I sign FIFA 18 players on a pre-contract?
FIFA 18 made negotiating with a player or his agents much more life-like than before. In FIFA 18 career mode, you meet up with the player you are interested in or his agents and get to strike a deal face to face.
Though they may be available on a free bill later in the season, you have to monitor your wage promises to them.

When is the best time to sign players on a pre-contract in FIFA 18 Career Mode?
Players are available for pre-contracts talks over the January transfer window. It would be advisable to approach your favorite players earlier on in the transfer window as you would have a wider choice to select from. Signing them later on in the transfer window would mean few players to choose from as most would have signed with other clubs.

I have signed players on a pre-contract basis, when do I get to have them in my squad?
Your pre-contracted players are available for use in your squad after their current contracts with their current clubs expire. Ideally, after they end the campaign in their clubs, they are availed into your team.

Who are the top quality players you can sign on a pre-contract in FIFA 18 Career Mode?

1. Lionel Messi – Contract Expiring in 2018
Every FIFA gamer would want to have Messi in their squad. The 30-year-old Argentine international plays for the Argentinian national team and Barcelona as a number 10. His club and country roles differ though; left-footed Messi plays as a CF for Barcelona while playing a right-wing role for his national team.
Born on June 24th, 1987, Messi stands 5’7″ tall and weighs 159lbs.

The ideal moment to pre-contract Messi would be at the early opening of the January 2018 transfer window to have him in your squad in June of 2018.

Messi is a great playmaker and a stunning dribbler. His dribbling skills are rated a massive 97 closely followed by a 95 rating in ball control. You would hardly get the ball off his feet.
Top traits that stand out for Messi are his technical dribbling abilities when in possession of the ball, clinical finishing often characterized by chipped and finesse shots. Messi has an impressive vision to open up the game for a wide play, thus he is an ideal man for taking curved freekicks and accurate long crosses.
He is a one-club player having featured in 387 matches scoring 358 goals in total.
To top on his amazing player qualities, Messi is a disciplined player thus you do not need to worry about frequent injuries or suspensions.
Messi has an overall rating of 93.

2. Alexis Sánchez – Contract Expiring in 2018
The Chilean-born Arsenal playmaker is available for your squad by June 2018 if you tie him to a pre-contract agreement early January 2018 transfer window.
Sanchez plays as a left winger for arsenal though starring as a left striker for Chile. He doubles up as LM, striker and an RM player. Born on the 19th of December 1988, Alexis stands 5’7″ tall and weighs 137lbs.
Tied to arsenal through the 2018 season, the right-footed midfielder dubbed striker has impressive movements in the pitch to position himself properly. His dribbling skills combined with effective ball control makes him the ideal man to get in your midfield to supply the necessary crosses that yield goals.
When playing an attacking role, Sanchez features impressive finishing skills and quality short passes to confuse the defense line.
Sanchez has featured in 391 matches scoring 129 times.
Due to his great vision on the field, Sanchez delivers accurate long curved shorts thus would be your ideal man to deliver free kicks to the box.
His discipline on the pitch would guarantee a season-long performance with no interruptions.
His overall rating is at 89.

3. Sergio Ramos García – Contract Expiring in 2020
Ramos plays for the Spanish national team and Real Madrid as an LCB. Born on March 30th, 1986, Ramos stands at 6’0″ and weighs 165lbs. His height adds up to his jumping ability to head home that goal when playing an attack role.
The right-footed defender is under contract with Real Madrid until 2020.
Outstanding for Ramos defending abilities is his stamina and strength coupled with smart man marking and tactical tackling capabilities, Ramos intercepts balls from his opponents well.
Ramos has featured in 409 games scoring 51 goals for club and country.
Ramos is rated 90.

4. David De Gea Quintana – Contract Expiring in 2019
The right-footed Spain international plays for Manchester United and the Spanish national team as a number 1 goalkeeper. Born November 7th, 1990, the 26-year-old has a contract with Manchester United until 2019. His goalkeeping abilities have seen him help manchester united to a Premier League cup since he joined in 2011. To op on that, he has won the League Cup with Manchester United the community shield 3 times.
As a goalkeeper, De Gea features top skills in goalkeeper diving, reflexes, handling, kicking and positioning.
He is a disciplined goalkeeper with whom you would not expect to create penalties due to pitch misconduct.
He has an overall rating of 90.

With much overhaul in the FIFA 18 career mode; notably in the transfer upgrade where you negotiate deals face to face with players, news clips where you would see your newly signed Messi in a press conference holding your team’s shirt, quick substitutions which do not require pausing to make changes and the stadium atmosphere fitting each individual league; notably you will be able to play in all the 20 premier league stadiums, including the recently promoted clubs. FIFA 18 career mode is going to be an intriguing experience never felt before.

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