11 Best Free Agents in FIFA 19 Career Mode

FIFA 19 Free Agents

Less than two weeks after its release, Fifa 19 is already a darling amongst soccer and gaming fans. Of all the gaming modes available, career mode is perhaps the most interesting and captivating for Fifa lovers. For the smart managers, this is a key period to acquire great players at no cost aka free agents.

For those unfamiliar with free agents, this is a time usually during season breaks where a player has no club and can be claimed by any team. Signing a free agent in FIFA 19 Career Mode is, therefore, the cheapest way to get a player to play for your club since no transfer fees are involved.

Signing a free agent on FIFA 19 Career Mode

It is possible to check for all available FIFA 19 free agents… You need to:

1) Go to the transfers tab;

2) Then search players. You can filter the search to reveal only the free agents at that moment;

3) To begin negotiations with a particular player, you need to add them to your shortlist then press ¨approach and sign¨ at the Transfer Hub.

Free agents on Fifa 19 play for different national teams but are not assigned to any club.

But… does not work with all free agents

To make the game more competitive, Fifa 19 only allows you to pick up free agents with a rating of 69 and below. Free agents with a higher rating are assigned to a random team which means that you will have to buy them at the agreed fee from their clubs.

For those playing with large teams that have the best players, free agents may not have much effect. However, if you are using a three-star team, acquiring free agents is one of the smartest moves that you can make. You can build a strong team using a few valuable free agents.

Most of these players have little or no growth potential which means that they are best suited for short-term strategies.

For those who are looking to get the top players for little money, the best option is to use the contract expiry signing option. With this, you can acquire players who have six months or less on their contracts for free. Unlike with free agents, you cannot be sure that the player will agree to join your team. With contract expiry signings, you can only get the player once their current contract expires and the player can play for you the following season.

For those looking for great free agents to sign to their teams on career mode, here are the top eleven picks that are bound to make an impact on any team they are added to.

  1. Badra Ali Sangaré (Goalkeeper)FIFA 19 Badra Ali Sangaré
    OverallPotential PositionAge

This is arguably the best goalkeeper you can get for free on Fifa 19 career mode. He has a rating of 69 with no growth potential. The 32-year-old keeper from Ivory Coast is capable enough to stop most attacking attempts by small teams and average strikers.

His strongest attributes are Reactions (68), Goalkeeper reflexes (68), and Goalkeeper diving (73). Badra has had 12 appearances for his national team and currently plays for South Africa´s Free State Stars. This club is not on Fifa 19´s lineup which is why Badra is listed as a free agent in the game.

You can use Badra as a starter on a three star or less team while for larger teams, he is a great back up goalkeeper.

  1. Nikolay Bodurov (Center back)FIFA 19 Nikolay Bodurov

Nikolay Bodurov has been on Fifa´s free agents list for a few years now. He is a solid center back who has more than enough skills to keep your team competitive. He currently plays for CSKA Sofia from the Bulgarian premier league. As with Free State Stars, CSKA Sofia is not among the teams available on Fifa 19 which is why Nikolay is listed as a free agent.

Nikolay has a rating of 69 with no growth potential. His best attributes are his strength, standing tackle and aggression. All of which he has a rating of above 70. With more than 40 caps for his Bulgarian International team and once a player for Fulham, Nikolay has enough experience to lead a young team through a few seasons.

He is not a sporadic goal scorer mainly due to his position but can be expected to net a goal once in a while. Nikolay is one free agent you would not want to miss.

  1. Andraž Šporar (Striker)FIFA 19 Andraž Šporar

This is a young player that has a rating of 69 but more importantly, has the potential to get a rating of 76. This striker is from Slovenia currently plays for Slovan Bratislava where in 2018 alone he has scored 12 times during 21 games. The 24-year-old is a prime candidate for someone looking to build a young team that can become a powerhouse in a few gaming seasons.

Currently a substitute for his country´s soccer team, he is not the most experienced striker you can get. Nevertheless, his growth potential is For speed and movement, he is an excellent player with ratings of above 70 for acceleration, stamina, sprinting, ball control, and jumping.

Andraź is a prime piece to build your team upon especially in the lower to middle leagues.

  1. Mihai Doru Pintilii (Midfielder)FIFA 19 Mihai Doru Pintilii
    6969CDM, CM33

Mihai is a defensive midfielder from Romania who currently plays for Steaua Bucuresti, one of the most successful soccer clubs in the country. At 33 years of age, he has played in 43 matches for his team and scored once. He also has more than 20 goals in more than 300 appearances for different clubs.

He has great ratings for long shots, shot power and strength. Mihai is known for his combative defense that is highly effective and will help boost your team´s overall defensive rating. With his age and no growth potential, he is best suited as a back up defensive midfielder or a starting midfielder for smaller teams. He is also a great choice for a big team that needs a solid defensive player at a low cost.

  1. Cristian Manea (Right back)FIFA 19 Cristian Manea
    6981RB, CB20

As with most players on this list, Manea has a rating of 69. That said, the most captivating thing about this player is his massive growth potential. He has the potential to get to a rating of 81. At 21 years of age, this is one player that you can develop over time to meet the needs of your club and your own unique playing style.

The Romanian international currently plays for CFR Cluj where he is on loan from Apollon Limassol. For the Romanian senior team, he has played in 4 matches and netted a goal once. His stamina of 85 puts him up with some of the greatest players on Fifa 19 and makes his a jewel for any team.

Put together with a few decent players, Manea could become the centerpiece of your team´s defense.

  1. Efthimios Koulouris (Striker)FIFA 19 Efthimios Koulouris

This is a player who has a history of scoring goals during dire times. The 22-year-old is a substitute for his national team and has played for Greek teams throughout his career. He has scored 18 times for the three different clubs he has played for. In particular, he once scored six goals for his team in a 9-0 win over a weaker team.

His overall rating of 68 together with his potential to reach a rating of 78 makes him a valuable piece for any manager. Koulouris is a great back up striker for a team that already has experienced strikers. Additionally, he can be put together with a better striker in the game where his speed will be an asset. As with all other players on this list, if you are starting with a smaller team, then he can form the striking core for your club.

  1. Máté Pátkai (Midfielder)FIFA 19 Máté Pátkai
    6868CDM, CM30

For solid defense and playing experience, look no further. Máté Pátkai has been a professional player for more than 12 years and has played for three different clubs. During this time, he has scored more than 40 goals. For his Hungarian national team, he has had 16 caps with no goals.

Máté Pátkai has a Fifa 19 rating of 68 with no growth potential. His aggressive defensive play will see you stop the opposing teams´ attacking plays many times when playing. He is particularly good at movements with ratings of above 70 in acceleration, agility and sprint speed.

For a small team, he can be part of the starting eleven while in larger teams, he could be a substitute.

  1. Hannes Þór Halldórsson (Goalkeeper)FIFA 19 Hannes Þór Halldórsson

If the name seems familiar, you have probably seen him in action for the Icelandic national team during the 2018 World Cup and Euro 2016. He is the starting goalkeeper for his national team which gives you an idea of his skills.

The 34-year-old has a rating of 69 with no room for growth. He has been a professional player since 2002 and has played for more than 10 clubs. He now plays for Qarabaq FC from Azerbaijan’s top soccer league. While Hannes is not a great starting keeper for competitive leagues, he is more than able to stop regular strikes by younger and weaker players. He is a great choice for three and four-star teams that have good defenders.

  1. Osvaldo Ruisalvo (Midfielder)

If you are looking for a player who is well skilled and ready to start playing for your club immediately, Osvaldo is a smart option. The 26-year-old midfielder from Paraguay is rated at 69 with no growth potential. That should not discourage you since he is perfectly skilled for his position.

While playing best with his right foot, he is also able to play decently on the right side if need be. He is rated at over 80 for both agility and balance. His speed of 74 and acceleration of 75 will see him outpace most defenders and create a few goal scoring opportunities for your club.

Osvaldo can fit in both large and small clubs while having an immediate impact on your team´s game.

  1. Mahmoud Hamdy (Center back)FIFA 19 Mahmoud Hamdy

This Egyptian center back is only 23 years of age which makes him a great defender to build your team on. Even better is the fact that he has a rating of 69 on Fifa 19 with the potential to reach a rating of 79. He currently plays for Zamalek FC from Egypt and is a substitute on the national team.

Hamdy is rated at over 70 for marking and tackling. He is also good at jumping which makes him useful during air balls. You can expect him to score or defend a corner kick every once in a while. On the defensive end, this free agent is one of the best picks due to his ability to improve over time.

  1. Georges Mandjeck (Center defensive midfielder)FIFA 19 Georges Mandjeck
    OverallPotential PositionAge

This is another complete player that can instantly begin having an impact on your club´s performance. The 29-year-old Cameroonian is rated at 69 with no potential for growth. He has a stamina rating of 83 and a strength rating of 78. Georges has above average movement and positioning which makes him an asset on both the defensive and offensive ends.

Georges is not a frequent goal scorer but you can expect him to get one in when the conditions are right. Put him in together with any pedigree of teammates and you can expect some interesting matches. Having played for some of Europe´s large and mid-tier teams, his experience will come in handy.


Negotiate with Free agents is one of the best ways to get good players into your team. You should, however, keep your expectations in check since the best players cannot be acquired through this method. With some intelligent free agent picks, you can build up a solid team that can go on to win championships.

The free agents that you bring in to your team should fit in with your needs. Small teams in FIFA 19 Career Mode can be made entirely of these free agents since they are skilled enough to win against other three star or weaker teams. If your club is in a competitive league such as the English Premier League or the Spanish La Liga, then you will need better and more skilled players. You can use the free agents as back up players or fill gaps where you may lack better player.

With any of the above 11 players together with a few other pieces, you can build a strong team that is capable of competing and winning in any league on Fifa 19´s career mode.

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