FIFA 19 Career Mode: Top 50 Lower League Gems

FIFA 19 Top Lower League Gems

Welcome to our annual review of the best lower league gems, this time with FIFA 19! Below we will explain what these lower league players are, as well as the detailed reviews of the top 15 lower league gems. Our table that contains all these cheap young stars can be found shortly after our reviews. So, in case you’re too lazy to read our reviews, you can scroll down to our table!

Lower league gems- What is a lower league gem?

FIFA 19’s lower league players are often made up of unknown players characterized by low overall ratings. It doesn’t however, equate to poor performance. Any Career Mode player out there knows that players do adapt to the new environments they are subjected to, in this case, new teams.

As long as a player maintains a constant and active positive performance on the pitch, they have better chances of retaining their positions on the team.

With the potential for improvement, they can be a better save for your team as injuries are often bound to happen and can get quality players sidelined. Such lower league gems can come in handy playing Career mode.

Main advantages of lower league gems

The major advantage of a lower league gem is often their price tag. As compared to top league players, you would often make a huge saving on your transfer budget. Being unknown and weak overall ratings makes them cheaper than their counterparts from the bigger leagues. Not only are they cheap to hire but also their wage demands are often lower putting your club’s finances at a better state.

Player performance often improves with positive performance on the pitch much better when they are younger. However, past the 30 age mark, degradation sets in and it eats away a player’s capabilities quite fast such that regardless of who they are, it gets to a limit where a player is a total disappointment on the pitch. Lower league gems are young and often have much more time on their boots to offer.

With the potential for improvement, you can develop a lower league gem into a fine top performer. In fact all lower league gems displayed here are also considered FIFA 19 wonderkids but with the big difference in ease of acquisition. That is, all these 50 lower league players can be bought using teams that are not powerful, mid-level teams. Regardless of the purpose, you use them, they can later be sold at better prices to begin the circle of nurturing lower league gems while improving your club’s finances.

Review of top 15 lower league gems in FIFA 19

It can be quite a challenge to pick a player from the lower leagues and build them into better players. Though you would get them at a bargain, they might fail to meet their potential.

Below is a review of the top 15 lower league gems you might want to consider for your team in Career Mode.

It should be noted that to find these players we used some rules:

– All these players cost less than 10 million euros as well as a maximum age of 19 years;

– These players dont play in the best european leagues, ie: Premier League, La Liga, Budesliga, Serie A, and French League, but they could possibly play in the lower leagues of these countries. Also, some of these lower league gems may also play in the Champions League, or in the Europa League through teams present in other countries.

Alphonso Davies (Overall:72 Potential 87)FIFA 19 Alphonso Davies

Aged 17, Alphonso is a left-footed Canadian international who plays for the Vancouver Whitecaps as a left midfielder and as a right midfielder for his country. For a midfielder of his caliber, at 159 lbs. and standing at 5’ 11” he has the desired stamina and jumping power to push the ball forward.

His best statistics are his acceleration at 92, a sprint speed rating of 93 and an agility level of 84. Being an intermediary between the back and the forward defenders, dribbling and ball control are crucial

He is valued at €6 M

Gedson Fernandes (Overall: 74 Potential: 86 )Gedson Fernandes FIFA 19

Gedson is a quality midfielder who plays for the Portuguese national team often starting as a substitute and SL Benfica as a Right central Midfielder. Aged 19, he stands 5’11” and weighs 157 lbs. for a midfielder, his best traits are with his movements and power with a stamina rating of 88 and acceleration at 81.

A right-footed midfielder, he is valued at €9.5 M

Mykola Shaparenko (Overall: 70 Potential: 85)FIFA 19 Mykola Shaparenko

A Ukrainian international who can play the roles of a central midfielder, a central defensive midfielder, and a central attacking midfielder. Mykola’s preferred foot being the right, he is more of a play-maker. At 19 years of age, he stands 5’ 10” high and weighs 159 lbs.

He is valued at €3.8 M

Jonathan David (Overall: 68 Potential: 85)FIFA 19 Jonathan David

Jonathan plays as a striker for the Canadian national team as well as KAA Gent. At 18 years of age, he towers at 5’10” and weighs 170 lbs. Movements are his ideal attributes with an acceleration of 81, sprint speed of 80 and agility at 76.

A right-footed striker, he is valued at €1.9 M

Giorgi Chakvetadze (Overall: 72 Potential: 85)FIFA 19 Giorgi Chakvetadze

Born in Georgia, Giorgi plays for the Belgian club KAA Gent as an attacking as well as a left midfielder. With his preferred foot being the right foot, he is better known for his technical dribbling skills with his best qualities on the pitch being ball skills and movements.

The 18-year-old is best rated for acceleration and agility at 84 and 85 respectively.

He is valued at €5.5 M

Myron Boadu(Overall: 66 Potential: 85)FIFA 19 Myron Boadu

Myron is a 17-year-old striker for AZ Alkmaar. The Netherlands international has his right foot as his proffered foot. At a height of 5’10,” he is an ideal striker for aerial balls with his best-rated power being jumping at 91. More so, his top-rated attributes are his acceleration at 84, agility at 78 and sprint speed at 80.

He is valued at €1.3 M

Erling Braut Håland (Overall: 68 Potential: 85)FIFA 19 Erling Braut Håland

The Norway international plays for Molde as a target forward. The left-footed 17-year-old striker is best known for his finesse shot taking and speed dribbling skills.

He is valued at €1.8 M

Takefusa Kubo (Overall: 63 Potential: 85)FIFA 19 Takefusa Kubo

The left-footed Japan international plays for Yokohama F. Marinos in a number of roles. He is an ideal forward playing as a striker, a central, right or left midfielder.

At 17 years of age, he is best rated for his movement qualities on the pitch; acceleration rating of 89, the agility of 82, and a balance index of 87. These qualities make him impress with finesse free kicks and technical dribbling.

He is valued at €800, 0000

Exequiel Palacios (Overall: 71 Potential: 85)FIFA 19 Exequiel Palacios

An Argentine international who plays for River Plate as a left central midfielder though he can prowess as a central midfielder or central attacking midfielder.

The 19-year-old right footed Argentine has impeccable movement and power. His best traits on the pitch are his play-making skills and flair.

He is valued at €5 M

Mile Svilar (Overall: 67 Potential: 85)FIFA 19 Mile Svilar

Preferably, an ideal goalkeeper when playing FIFA is one who doesn’t just stand in his line and waits for the ball to come to him or requires movement control from a player. Often he should punch balls away, rushes out of his comfort goal zone and comes ahead to meet crosses. Those qualities best describe 18-year-old Belgian international Mile Svilar. Svilar plays for SL Benfica as a goalie.

He is valued at €1.3 M

Maximiliano Romero (Overall: 70 Potential: 85)FIFA 19 Maximiliano Romero

Often times, strikers do not get enough spaces to fire their shots in without the nuisance of defenders all over them. However, aerial balls are often ideal as the best jumper would often have a better chance of landing the ball. Aerial skills are Argentine international’s Romero’s hot cup. With his jumping at 83 and finishing at 75, he is an ideal strike.

Right-footed 19-year-old Romero plays for PSV and is valued at €3.8 M

Vladyslav Supriaga (Overall: 65 Potential: 84)FIFA 19 Vladyslav Supriaga

At times, loose balls or counter attacks are suitable to get a recovery goal at the last minute. When those do occur, an agile striker who can accelerate really fast and has a high sprint speed would have a better chance of getting to the ball faster than sluggish defenders.

Ukranian Vladyslav has those qualities. The 18-year-old right footed striker plays for FC Dynamo Kyiv

He is valued at €1.1 M

Anthony McDonald (Overall: 62 Potential: 84)FIFA 19 Anthony McDonald

Midfielders are constantly moving to create a link between the back and forward players which calls for skilled movement on the pitch. 17-year-old Anthony’s movements are highly rated.

A Scottish international, he plays for the Heart of Midlothian as a right or a central attacking midfielder.

He is valued at €650, 000.

Patson Daka (Overall: 66 Potential: 83)FIFA 19 Patson Daka

Patson plays for FC RB Leipzig as a right striker. Zambian international, the right-footed 19 years old is ideal for loose balls as he has a sprint speed rating of 87 with a potential for 92 and an acceleration index of 86 with a potential for 87.

He is valued at €1.4 M

Dodô (Overall: 70 Potential: 83)FIFA 19 Dodô

Movement is paramount for a defender, strikers are quite fast, a faster defender is better. Right-footed 19-year-old Brazilian, Dodo has a quality movements rating with a sprint speed of 89, acceleration of 91, agility of 90 and can wrestle aerial balls quite well with a jump index of 83.

He plays as a right back for Vitoria Guimaraes and is valued at €2.9 M.

These are some of the best lower league gems transfers you can make for your team during your career in FIFA 19. Depending on the quality of the team in which you manage, it is necessary to grant minutes of play in order to help these young players to reach their highest level. Below we have crafted the table with all the other top lower league gems.

Do not forget to use the search function in the upper right corner of the table. Inserting CAM or ST, or any other position you will get all FIFA 19 lower league gems of that same position.

João Félix18SL BenficaLW CAM7087€3.7M
Diogo Leite19FC PortoCB7487€9.5M
A. Davies17Vancouver Whitecaps FCLM RM7287€6M
Gedson Fernandes19SL BenficaCM7486€9.5M
Mykola Shaparenko19FC Dynamo KyivCM CDM CAM7085€3.8M
Jonathan David18KAA GentST6885€1.9M
Giorgi Chakvetadze18KAA GentCAM LM7285€5.5M
Myron Boadu17AZ AlkmaarST6685€1.3M
Erling Braut Håland17Molde FKST6885€1.8M
Takefusa Kubo17Yokohama F. MarinosCAM RM ST LM6385€800K
Exequiel Palacios19River PlateCM CAM7185€5M
Mile Svilar18SL BenficaGK6785€1.3M
Maximiliano Romero19PSVST7085€3.8M
Vladyslav Supriaga18FC Dynamo KyivST6584€1.1M
Anthony McDonald17Heart of MidlothianRM CAM6284€650K
Kevin Rüegg19FC ZürichRB CM6784€1.5M
Hassane Bandé19AjaxLW ST7284€5.5M
Krépin Diatta19Club Brugge KVRM LM ST7184€4.4M
Reece James18Wigan AthleticRB CB6784€1.4M
Chris Durkin18D.C. UnitedCDM6784€1.4M
Calvin Stengs19AZ AlkmaarRW6984€2.3M
Sebastian Szymański19Legia WarszawaCAM RM LM6784€1.6M
Dario Maresic18SK Sturm GrazCB7284€4.5M
Tyler Adams19New York Red BullsCDM RWB7284€4.8M
Glenn Middleton18RangersLW6484€925K
Gianni Azzinnari17CosenzaST5983€350K
Matías Pellegrini18Estudiantes de La PlataLM LWB6483€925K
Brandon Baiye17Club Brugge KVCDM CM6383€650K
Fernando19Shakhtar DonetskLW LM6983€2.3M
Adam Idah17Norwich CityST6283€675K
Déiber Caicedo18Asociacion Deportivo CaliRM6283€675K
Eljif Elmas18Fenerbahçe SKCM CAM7083€3.1M
Harry Cochrane17Heart of MidlothianCM6483€875K
Patson Daka19FC Red Bull SalzburgST6683€1.4M
Tomás Chancalay19Colon de Santa FeST LM CAM6883€1.9M
Julián Carranza18BanfieldST6383€775K
Dominik Szoboszlai17FC Red Bull SalzburgCAM CM6483€900K
Dodô19Vitória GuimarãesRB7083€2.9M
Lloyd Kelly19Bristol CityLB CB6783€1.5M
Jonathan Leko19West Bromwich AlbionRW ST LW6683€1.4M
Lukas Nmecha19Preston North EndST6683€1.4M

You still do not have FIFA 19? Perhaps some of these players are also considered lower league gems in the previous version of FIFA, but the best thing is to guarantee the new FIFA 19 that contains a panoply of improvements, besides the normal updates for teams/players. See below some of the main features of the new version.

More often than not, following all the releases of FIFA, a problem is always bound to be spotted by the avid game lovers worldwide. The problems always formed the basis for re-engineering of the game prior to the next release. Often, the new malfunctions spotted in the previous release getting tacked and integrated into the next flagship. FIFA 19 is one such release that has seen perfection in the game incorporated over the years.

Some of the top features EA Sports team has addressed into FIFA 19 from the previous releases are;

The 50/50 loose ball capabilities for both team members

Each year sees a release of the EA game on major gaming consoles available. FIFA 18 was a flagship release that saw much introduced into the perfection of the game. However, much like previous releases, loose battles have always been a focus of frustration for most players.

Loose balls often attract two opposing players heading for the ball. A setback sets in when they draw closer to the ball as the decision on who wins the ball is often not on the players to decide. Often, one player gets sidestepped and remains motionless or sluggish leaving you frustrated as you watch the ball taken away. FIFA 19 introduced a fair 50/50 battling mechanic such that, loose ball possession is often down to the player’s capability to perform better on the pitch to win the ball from a rigorous ball battle.

Timed finishing feature

As an avid FIFA player, the way you finish creates much better feeling than the number of scores you make in a game. FIFA 19 paid took that into consideration and added a timed finishing feature onto the game to give your finishing a much-revered feel.

You get the timed finishing right and you produce a perfect shot. It doesn’t, however, translate to all perfectly timed shots equating to goals but it creates a realistic feel when on an intense encounter with the opponent’s goalie.

Active touch is another feature added to perfect animations

The previous release of FIFA saw player face improvement to much resemble a human appearance. However, player interactions were still an offset as more often than not, a ball would get into a player or a player would go past barriers. More so, the interactions between a player and a ball were not really that authentic, FIFA 19 incorporated this into play such that player-ball interactions are much more lively and realistic.

The champions and Europa League rights

For the biggest developer of the much-endowed game of football, it was a surprise that EA Sports never had the rights to Europe’s top flight leagues of the Champions League, Europa League, and the Super Cup. FIFA 19 sees the introduction of these top 3 leagues introduced. The entire package, which means you get the feel and the experience of an actual Champions, Europa or Super Cup experience.

Team selection animations added into the game makes it even better as it builds a much-hyped suspense in anticipation for the next round. More so, the A-team voice of Allan Smith and Martin Tyler gets replaced with Lee Dixon and Derek Rae’s voice. Participating in either tournament, the game console gets customized to reflect the tournaments colors.

Much of the improvements for FIFA 19 saw few new additions into the game but much more inclination into perfecting what was already in place. Perfection in FIFA 19 gives the game a much more equilibrium position, designed for both expert FIFA players and newcomers to the game.

Immersion is the ultimate drive to get the game feel realistic and natural while giving you much better options to customize the game giving you the feel and look to get the best of the FIFA game feeling.

The career mode received no much updates from the previous release as much focus was on the Champions League. You get to participate in any of the three European top-flight tournaments depending on your teams previous season’s position and what better way to participate than with lower league gems.

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