FIFA 19 Cheap Players: +75 Bargain Buys in Career Mode!

FIFA 19 bargain players to sign under 5 million, 2 million, and 1 million

A bargain player is a highly rated player in FIFA 19 Career mode that you can buy cheaply. Most of them are usually approaching the end of their careers. These players will only give you great service for at most 3 seasons. By the third season, their ratings will surely be too low to be of any benefit. In this post we will show you the best bargain players under 5 million, 2 million, and 1 million. At the end of this post you can find the complete table that shows all the best bargain buys in FIFA 19 career mode.

So why should you buy them?

They are cheap to buy.

Bargain players are cheap quality players. Many times in FIFA 19 you find that you’ve made your transfers but there is that position that you’ve not filled and you do not have enough money to buy a quality player to fill that position. Bargain players will help you fill that position on the cheap until you have enough money to buy a high-quality replacement.

They are cheap to maintain.

Most of these bargain players have relatively low wage demands. This makes them perfect for players playing road to glory career modes. They will provide a cheap quality option to see you through a couple of seasons as you look to rise up the leagues.

Best Players Under 5 Million

Dani Alves

Dani Alves FIFA 19

(Rating: 82 Potential: 82)

Age: 35

Club: PSG.

Value: 4.8 Million.

Before departing the Camp Nou, Dani Alves had already established himself as the best right back in Barcelona history. Perhaps even the best in the world. During his time at Barcelona, Alves formed a deadly partnership with the best attacker in the world, Leo Messi.

Dani Alves provided a staggering 42 assists for Messi when they played together. This is 9 more than both Xavi and Iniesta. And remember, he provided his assists from the right back position. It is safe to say that Dani Alves redefined the wing back position as we know it today.

During his prime, he could outrun even the speediest of wingers. His pace has since diminished but he can still keep up with the wingers. Other aspects of his game have remained constant as he still possesses incredible crossing and vision stats. His passing stats also ensure that he can easily link up with his teammates if you play a possession game. He can also bang in a killer free kick and is a master at long shots. Dani has also retained decent tackling stats.

Dani Alves might have gone down a bit compared to his Barcelona days but he still remains a force to be reckoned with at right back. He will operate along the entire wing providing assists and keeping out attackers. His ratings will go down but you can have him at his best for at least one season. If you can afford his wages, he is a great cheap buy.

Igor Denisov

FIFA 19 Igor Denisov

(Rating: 80 Potential: 80)

Age: 34

Club: Lokomotiv Moscow.

Value: 4.5 Million.

Igor Denisov is a Russian midfielder known for his ruthless tackling and fearlessness. He has spent most of his career playing for his hometown club Zenit. At Zenit, he became the unstoppable driving force that propelled them to previously unknown heights. He oversaw their first Russian Premier League triumph in 2007. In 2008, he scored in the final of the UEFA Cup (Now Europa League) as Zenit saw off the challenge of Scottish side Rangers to lift their first European trophy.

Denisov is a natural born leader. At one time he was captain of the Russian National team. He leads by example via his exemplary performances at the center of midfield. The game has even rewarded him with the “leadership” trait. Igor has aged like fine wine. He still retains the aggression and tackling stats that have made him such a respected CDM.

He will provide protection for your center backs as well as recycle the ball well while in possession. His superior stamina stats portray him as an engine that never tires. The best thing about Denisov is that his wage is only 1K. This means that even when strapped for cash you can still manage to afford his wage. You will have him for at least one season before his ratings start to degrade.

Gianluigi Buffon

FIFA 19 Gianluigi Buffon

(Rating: 88 Potential: 88)

Age: 40.

Club: PSG.

Value: 4 Million.

Gianluigi Buffon’s footballing legacy cannot be put into words. He warmed the hearts of teammates, fans and opponent players every time he took to the pitch in Juventus or Italian National team colors. He is adored everywhere.

Buffon won numerous Serie A titles with Juventus. Perhaps his greatest triumph was winning the World Cup with the Italian National team in 2006. In a team full of natural leaders like the great Totti, Buffon still stood out as the on-field leader for the team.

His incredible performances in goal have ensured that his teams enjoy success every time he puts on his gloves. One look at his stats and you would not imagine that he is aged 40. His best attribute is his positioning where he is 90 rated. All those years of experience have undoubtedly contributed to his incredible positioning in goal. In addition, he has amazing handling and diving stats.

He does struggle with kicking like many “old” goalkeepers. However, this should not deter you from signing him. He will serve you well for a couple of seasons before his ratings really start to drop. He should prove a shrewd signing for any team that can afford his wages.

Javier Mascherano

FIFA 19 Javier Mascherano

(Rating: 80 Potential: 80)

Age: 34

Club: Hebei China Fortune FC.

Value: 4.5 Million.

Once Javier Mascherano arrived at Barcelona, an issue arose as to where we would play on the pitch. Sergio Busquets had already solidified the CDM position in the tiki-taka Barcelona system. Mascherano had also performed admirably well at CDM at Liverpool.

A player of Mascherano’s worth was not content with a place on the bench. As fate would have it, an injury crisis forced Mascherano to play at the CB. There he found his place at Barcelona. After Puyol retired, Javier went on to from a formidable partnership in central defense with Gerard Pique.

Pique and Mascherano complemented each other. Pique was a tough tackler while Mascherano was an expert at playing out from the back. In the game, he still retains his stellar passing ability. With time, Mascherano learnt from his partner. Mascherano transformed into an aggressive tough-tackling defender. These are his best traits in the latest installment of FIFA. His impressive composure also makes him a great pick for the CDM position.

Mascherano will serve you well for a couple of seasons. His modest wage also makes him an attractive buy for a mid-level club.

Best Players Under 2 Million

Diego Lopez

FIFA 19 Diego Lopez

(Rating: 80 Potential: 80)

Age: 36

Club: Espanyol.

Value: 2 Million.

Diego Lopez is famously known as the man who relegated Iker Casillas to the bench during Jose Mourinho’s tenure at the Santiago Bernabeu. He replaced Casillas due to personal differences between Casillas and Mourinho. Despite this, Diego proved himself a worthy custodian in goal. He even went on to lift the Champions League trophy with Real Madrid under Carlo Ancelotti.

Diego was famous for his cat-like reflexes. He made some instinctive saves that astonished fans on both sides. His reflexes might have diminished as age has caught on with him but his positioning and handling have improved. He has shown longevity at the top level as he still makes incredible saves for his Espanyol side.

Diego will give you good service for at least one season before his ratings start to plummet. His wages are not too high making him a good signing for a mid-level club.

Iker Casillas

FIFA 19 Iker Casillas

(Rating: 82 Potential: 82)

Age: 37

Club: FC Porto.

Value: 1.5 Million.

It is funny that Iker Casillas is valued at a mere 1.5 Million. During his peak, at current rates, he would have fetched more than 75 Million. He is the goalkeeper that led Spain to World Cup triumph in 2010. In Madrid, he achieved an almost god-like status.

His feuds with then coach Jose Mourinho threatened to destroy his legacy at Real Madrid. However, he had done too much for the club. A childish spat with Jose couldn’t stain his reputation with the club.

Even though he was reaching the twilight of his career Iker chose not to retire. He went to Porto where he immediately became number one. His level has incredibly never dropped. His 87 and 84 rating at diving and reflexes respectively make him one of the best available. However, like most “old” goalkeepers he is poor at kicking.

Iker is still a great goalkeeper and will serve you well for a couple of seasons. In addition, most clubs can easily foot his 10K wages.

Darijo Srna

FIFA 19 Darijo Srna

(Rating: 80 Potential: 80)

Age: 36.

Club: Cagliari.

Value: 1.7 Million.

Loyal. That is the word that comes to mind when you think of Srna. His undying loyalty to Shakhtar Donetsk earned him plaudits from all around the world. He declined offers from the likes of Bayern and Chelsea so as to remain at Shakhtar.

His loyalty served him well as he was the force behind the trophies that Shakhtar won. He oversaw the Shakhtar’s rise to being the best club in Ukraine. The club also won the UEFA Super Cup in 2009 with Srna as captain. At the moment, Shakhtar is a regular participant in the UEFA Champions League.

He has recently split with Shakhtar as his career draws to a close. His love for football has kept him on the pitch with Cagliari. Srna is still a beast. One glance at his stats will reveal an all-round player capable of playing in multiple positions.

He is an impressive passer of the ball. This combined with superior vision make him an assist machine. His tackling stats are also impressive ensuring that he won’t let you down in defense. His stats also make him a free-kick specialist from every type of range. His weak foot stats ensure that he is comfortable on either wing.

The only position where he might struggle is as a centre-forward. And even in that position, he is not that bad. You will enjoy Srna’s service for a good couple of seasons.

Leonardo Ponzio

FIFA 19 Leonardo Ponzio

(Rating: 78 Potential: 78)

Age: 36

Club: River Plate.

Value: 1.4 Million.

You might not know Ponzio but Zaragoza and River Plate fans do. Leonardo Ponzio actually won the Copa del Rey with Zaragoza in 2004. That stellar Zaragoza team went on to win the Spanish Supercup the next season.

He then returned to Zaragoza after a brief spell with River Plate. After a few years, he went back to River Plate where he currently plays.

Over the years, Ponzio established himself as a no-nonsense CDM. His aggression and tackling stats still remain his best attributes. He also has decent passing stats making him a good keeper of possession. Over the years, Ponzio occasionally scored some long-range stunners. A particular strike against Malaga in 2010 still remains popular among Zaragoza fans.

Ponzio is a great CDM that can shoot from range. You will have a lot of fun with him for a couple seasons before his ratings plummet.

Best Players Under 1 Million

Volkan Demirel

FIFA 19 Volkan Demirel

(Rating: 75 Potential: 75)

Age: 36.

Club: Fenerbahce.

Value: 900K.

Demirel is steeped in Turkish football history. He was the goalkeeper that led Fenerbahce to their first Champions League quarter-final in 2008 after he saved 3 penalties in the quarter-final against Sevilla.

He also led the Turkish National Side to the Semi-Finals in of Euro 2008. He had a great year in 2008 that will be forever remembered by Turkish fans all around the world.

Demirel is one of the best all-round cheap goalkeepers around. His stats all center around 75. His best stat is positioning (77) while his worst stat is handling (73). He is good at everything concerned with goalkeeping. He is a great buy at a very cheap price.

Christian Maggio

FIFA 19 Christian Maggio

(Rating: 75 Potential: 75)

Age: 36

Club: Benevento.

Value: 775K.

Christian Maggio is perhaps the most popular name on this particular list. He spent 10 years at Napoli playing more than 200 games for the side from Naples. He also established himself as a capable defender for his national side.

During his prime, Maggio was an absolute beast at right back. He contributed in attack with goals and assists and at the same time, he kept rival attackers at bay. He might have lost some of his pace but he remains a valuable asset in defense and attack.

His decent tackling stats mean that he can keep most attackers in check. He has retained his exceptional crossing and passing stats which earned him numerous assists over the years.

He 4K wage means that almost any team can afford him. He will prove a valuable asset for at least a couple of seasons.

Ricardo Costa

FIFA 19 Ricardo Costa

(Rating: 75 Potential: 75)

Age: 37

Club: CD Tondela.

Value: 900K.

Ricardo is another popular figure having spent a few years at Valencia FC. There he established himself as a commanding central defender. His stellar performances earned him a number of call-ups to the Portuguese national team. He played for the national team in 4 major tournaments.

Costa is a traditional no-nonsense defender. His job is to get the ball as far away from his penalty area as possible. It is no wonder then that his best stats are aggression and tackling. He is also adept at dealing with high balls as he has incredible heading stats.

He is a great option if you are looking for a temporary player to play in central defense. His pace is not great but his aggression will help in mitigating his poor pace stats.

Brad Jones

FIFA 19 Brad Jones

(Rating: 75 Potential: 75)

Age: 36.

Club: Al Nassr.

Value: 900K.

Brad Jones is best known for his back up role as goalkeeper for Liverpool for a few years. He showed glimpses of his potential but never really convinced the coaches at Liverpool that he was worthy of a starting position.

He did, however, manage to show his ability at the numerous number of clubs he spent on loan at. He is rated 80 at goalkeeper positioning. This is the type of attribute you expect in a goalkeeper at a top level club.

It is a shame that Brad never achieved the potential that many thought he would achieve. However, you can have him in your team for very little money. He will start dropping in rating after a couple of seasons. However, in the first two seasons, he will provide safe and capable hands in between the sticks.


The above are the best players to get on the cheap. You should try as much as possible to get them during the first season before their ratings begin to fall.

Additional Information.

With a bit of research you will find high-quality players that are supposedly worth nothing. These players including the likes of Artem Dzyuba and Leandro Paredes. They are high-quality players whose teams are not included in the game. However, once you start career mode in FIFA 19, these players are assigned to random teams. Once they are assigned to these teams, they acquire their true value. So don’t be fooled into thinking that you can get such players for free at the beginning of career mode.

AdurizAthletic Club de Bilbao37ST83€9.5M
AntunesGetafe CF31LB80€9.5M
De MarcosAthletic Club de Bilbao29RB RW79€9.5M
F. ArmaniRiver Plate31GK80€9M
S. RomeroManchester United31GK80€9M
M. ParoloLazio33CDM CM82€9M
PepeBeşiktaş JK35CB85€9M
L. FabiańskiWest Ham United33GK81€9M
Kiko CasillaReal Madrid31GK80€9M
I. PiattiMontreal Impact33LW CF ST80€9M
GuaitaCrystal Palace31GK80€9M
Fábio CoentrãoRio Ave FC30LB RW79€9M
Jaume CostaVillarreal CF30LB LWB79€9M
BrunoVillarreal CF34CM CDM81€8.5M
B. SchweinsteigerChicago Fire33CM CB CDM80€8.5M
G. CahillChelsea32CB80€8.5M
Santi CazorlaVillarreal CF33CM CDM LM80€8.5M
I. AkinfeevPFC CSKA Moscow32GK80€8.5M
L. PerrinAS Saint-Étienne32CB80€8.5M
T. HeatonBurnley32GK80€8.5M
G. MercadoSevilla FC31CB RB79€8.5M
David VillaNew York City FC36ST82€8M
D. De RossiRoma34CDM83€8M
Nacho MonrealArsenal32LB CB80€8M
Fernando TorresSagan Tosu34ST80€8M
F. QuagliarellaSampdoria35ST80€7M
M. ŠkrtelFenerbahçe SK33CB81€7M
L. PiszczekBorussia Dortmund33RB CB81€7M
A. YoungManchester United32LB LWB RB79€7M
Juiano MestresCruzeiro34CB CDM82€6.5M
E. AdebayorMedipol Başakşehir FK34ST79€6.5M
CharlesSD Eibar34ST79€6.5M
A. MiranteRoma34GK80€6M
Pepe ReinaMilan35GK83€6M
Y. TouréOlympiacos CFP35CM CDM80€6M
MoyáReal Sociedad34GK80€6M
L. DiarraParis Saint-Germain33CDM CB80€6M
JoaquínReal Betis36RM LM ST81€6M
JuanfranAtlético Madrid33RB80€5.5M
J. MathieuSporting CP34CB LB81€5.5M
Dani AlvesParis Saint-Germain35RB82€4.8M
I. DenisovLokomotiv Moscow34CDM80€4.5M
Everton AndrãoFluminense34CDM CM80€4.5M
DanteOGC Nice34CB80€4.5M
J. MascheranoHebei China Fortune FC34CDM CB80€4.5M
S. LichtsteinerArsenal34RB RM80€4.2M
A. BarzagliJuventus37CB84€4.2M
G. BuffonParis Saint-Germain40GK88€4M
P. ČechArsenal36GK82€3M
Diego LópezRCD Espanyol36GK80€2M
A. TalaveraDeportivo Toluca35GK76€1.8M
J. PinolaRiver Plate35CB76€1.8M
S. ProtoLazio35GK76€1.8M
DouglasVitória Guimarães35GK76€1.8M
RicardoGD Chaves35GK76€1.8M
D. SrnaCagliari36RB80€1.7M
C. PizarroSV Werder Bremen39ST74€1.6M
J. BeausejourUniversidad de Chile34LB LW74€1.6M
CasillasFC Porto37GK82€1.5M
L. PonzioRiver Plate36CDM78€1.4M
S. SorrentinoChievo Verona39GK80€1M
V. DemirelFenerbahçe SK36GK75€900K
D. BoneraVillarreal CF37CB75€900K
A. PérezDeportivo Cali37CDM CM75€900K
B. JonesAl Nassr36GK75€900K
E. MorettiTorino37CB75€900K
Ricardo CostaCD Tondela37CB75€900K
C. MaggioBenevento36RB75€775K
R. FanniMontreal Impact36CB RB74€750K
A. BizzarriFoggia40GK76€525K
IraizozGirona FC37GK75€450K
CássioAl Taawoun37GK75€450K
P. GuiñazúClub Atlético Talleres39CDM CM75€450K
J. CoronaCruz Azul37GK75€450K
M. PasqualEmpoli36LB LM73€450K

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