FIFA 19 Pre-Contract Players: Contract Expiry ending in 2019

FIFA 19 Pre-Contract Players with contract expiry ending in 2019

Welcome to our annual list of the best pre-contract players in FIFA! As we have done in the last years this year will not be an exception with FIFA 19! Below we have an explanatory guide on how this process works, following our review of the 10 best players with contracts expiring in six months during 2019 the first season of FIFA 19 Career Mode.

Note: At the end of this post you can find maybe what you are looking for… The COMPLETE TABLE with all the best players available during the 1st season of FIFA 19 Career Mode which are possible to sign into a pre-contract agreement during January 2019. Scroll to the end of the post if you want to skip our guide and our review of the players.

What is a pre-contract in FIFA 19?

In professional football, a Bosman Transfer or Free Transfer is where a football club releases a player when his contract expires or when the contract about to expire. Every foot club dreams of becoming the strongest in terms of winning big league football tournaments. To win such games, a club must buy high-profile football players from the transfer market. The highly rated players come at a price tag through their contracts. FIFA has made possible to hire such high-profile players on a pre-contract basis on the FIFA 19. Pre-contract is where the players are bought by the club before their current contracts expire.

How to Buy Players on Pre-Contract?

The football clubs tie down the players through a contract agreement with a release clause that dictates certain demands should another club want to buy them before their contracts end. Most of the time, when the contract ends, the players can move to other clubs on a free transfer. This means that a club can approach the players before their contract ends and offer them a deal of a new contract and this way they will be able to freely walk to their new clubs without restrictions when their current contracts end.

FIFA 19 has made negotiations between a player and a club more interesting and lifelike better than before. In FIFA 19 career mode, you can now arrange for a meeting with a player you are interested in and strike a deal face to face. Even though the players will be available to you much later on a free bill, it is ideal to monitor your wage promises to them.

The Benefits of Contact Expiry Signing

You do not have to pay a transfer fee through contract expiry signing. This implies that a club can sign for the player for free. The most important thing is to negotiate on the player’s roles, wages, the length of the contract, and contract clauses.

The Best Time for FIFA 19 Signing

The best time to approach a signing for FIFA 19 is January 1st. This is the time when players enter their final six months of their contracts. Note that other clubs can easily beat you in the negotiations, so put more efforts, and do not forget that it is important to start negotiating pre-contracts early in January. If you start negotiating in the middle of the month or in the end you run the risk of losing the best players to other teams or they can even renew their actual contracts with their clubs.

When the Signed Player Will Join Your Club

The player will join your club in July 1st, almost immediately when their current contracts expire. Once their current contract expires, they are at your disposal and can now join your team.

The Top 10 Players with Contract Expiring in 2019 (First Season)

This section provides a description and discussion of some of the top players that will be available on contract expiry deal based on the FIFA 19 Career Mode. All the players in this list are aged 24 years and above, and all of them have at least an overall of 81.

Filipe Luis (LB) (Overall rating 85 – POT 85)

Filipe Luis FIFA 19

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Atlético Madrid32Crossing, Stamina, Composure, Sliding TackleHigh/ Medium€81K€21.5MLB

Filipe Luis has a significant high rating of 85 and a potential of 85. This is impressive given his age, 32 years. The Brazilian is worth 21M euros, and his wages are 81k euros. You can buy him today on a release clause of 44.1m euros. However, the deal is always on the pre-contract. His contract at Atletico comes to an end by 2019, this means you can begin negotiating for his purchase through pre-contract signing.

Antonio Valencia (Overall rating 81 – POT 81)

Antonio Valencia FIFA 19

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Manchester United32Sprint Speed, Shot PowerHigh/ High€120K€10MRB

Antonio Valencia joined Manu back in June 2009 and his contract expires in 2019. He plays in RB position. He has an overall rating of 81 and a potential of 81. Today, Valencia is worth 10million euros. He has a wage of 120k euros. Valencia is 32 years and given his rate, he is on the decline. This implies that you may get him at a bargain come 2019.

David De Gea (Overall rating 91 – POT 93)

David De Gea FIFA 19

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Manchester United27GK Reflexes, GK Diving, ReactionsMedium/ Medium€260K€72MGK

It’s true, you can easily own the best goalkeeper in the world for free when the season comes to an end. It is an open knowledge that Manchester United is currently struggling and that the potential players in the club are not at ease. For example, David de Gea recently walked from Old Trafford after the campaign ended, making the biggest clubs around the world on red alert. The two-time Europa League winner, Premier League and FA Cup champion made some of the cleanest sheets in the league in the previous year (18), irrespective of the fact that he had made fifth most saves (115).

In the FIFA 19, you could own the 27-year old De Gea just like that, as long as you can part with his weekly wages of £260,000. While this is a premium wage, it is on the bargain side considering the fact that you will not part with the huge transfer fees. I believe it is worth it because he is currently at 91 rating and has the potential of hitting 93 over time. The best statistics for the Spaniard are 90 GK diving, 94 GK reflexes, and 90 reactions.

Diego Godin (Overall rating 90 – POT 90)

Diego Godin FIFA 19

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Atlético Madrid32Heading Accuracy, Jumping, Strength, MarkingMedium/ High€125K€44MCB

Diego Godin is one of the finest center-backs in the world. It looks strange that he could be probably playing his game away from Atletico Madrid in the coming season. Diego is the Uruguay captain and he joined Atletico in 2010 from Villarreal, heading on to win a Copa del Ray, La Liga two EUFA Super Cups and two Europa Leagues, now that’s something to watch out for.

Godin is headed to his senior age in the game, at 32, he can be yours through contracting expiring signing on a weekly wage of £110,000. That’s a good bargain for 90 rating. His best statistical figures are 90 marking, 92 heading accuracy, and 91 jumping.

Jan Vertonghen (Overall rating 87 – POT 87)

Jan Vertonghen FIFA 19

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Tottenham Hotspur31Marking, Interceptions, Sliding Tackle, Standing TackleHigh/ High€155K€34MCB

In the last Premier League season, Jan Vertonghen was the best center back, and he would be interested to end this long wait for a trophy. The Belgian tasted silverware at Ajax in 2012 in the last season. Being 31 years old, the Tottenham player could be leaving north London if he is convinced silverware is not destined to come to the club.

You could take Vertonghen away with you at the end of the season if you love his high 87 rating and manage the weekly wage £136,000his best statistical figures are 88 sliding tackle marking, and 89 interceptions. He could make up a good defender at the back of your team.

Naldo (Overall rating 86 – POT 86)


ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
FC Schalke 0435Heading Accuracy, Shot Power, Standing TackleMedium/ Medium€42K€10.5MCB

Naldo is still doing fairly well despite the fact that is already 356 years old, something which is considered underestimated center back. The Brazilian has been a significant force and a Stalwart since 2005 in the German football. He has a highly impressive goal scoring record for himself. He is a big defender, having netted seven times in the last season.

Naldo took the Bundesliga to 65. Naldo was only capped four times by Brazil. He is, therefore, a much cheaper option to go within the Career Mode having a weekly wage of £40,000. However, given that he is 35, this implies that overall rating of 86 will drop further this season, therefore consider him only if you looking for a one-season stop-gap at your back. Naldo’s best skills are 92 shot power 94 heading accuracy, and 90 standing tackle.

Koke (Overall rating 85 – POT 86)

Koke FIFA 19

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Atlético Madrid26Short Passing, Stamina, Long PassingHigh/ High€88K€45MLM CM RM

Koke as a young football player is yet to attain his prime level. He is only 26 years and very promising. He is a versatile Spaniard, has the capability to play anywhere in the midfield. This is the strength that has kept his marriage with Atletico Madrid for close to a decade now. Despite the fact that Koke is only 26, as a left midfielder, he has successfully pulled on both the white and red stripes for more than 370 times. This is the ninth time in the history of his club and the most on the present squad.

Given that Koke has been at Atletico for his entire football career, it would be interesting to be the first club to have him as he finishes up his final year at his current club. He could however be gearing up to move to bigger European clubs and a pay rise. As things stand now, Koke’s weekly wage bill of £78,000 makes him an affordable option to go with. The weekly wage also makes him a good barging give that his overall rating is 85. The rating is expected to rise over time since he is still very young. Koke’s best football playing attributes include 87 vision, 90 short passing, and 89 long passing.

Yacine Brahimi (Overall rating 85 – POT 85)

Yacine Brahimi FIFA 19

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
FC Porto28Dribbling, Agility, ComposureHigh/ Medium€28K€39MLM

You could not be familiar with the name Yacine Brahimi, but he is one of Porto’s most impressive players. Yacine is at his prime age, and plays as a left middle fielder. Yacine had a great return this season having scored 44 goals. This is spiced up by his 34 assists in the five seasons at the Portuguese giants. Yacine is already a captain of the Algerian team.

He has great attributes including 92 agilities, 90 composures and 93 dribbling with an overall rating of 85. Yacine is cheap with a weekly wage of £25,000 and anyone considering acquiring a great player at good bargain. Yacine is a good bargain because he is still young, and have several years to top.

Sami Khedira (Overall rating 85 – POT 85)

Sami Khedira FIFA 19

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Juventus31Reactions, Strength, InterceptionsHigh/ High€160K€33MCM CDM

Most recently, Emre Can overall rating 80, joined Juventus on a free transfer. This could probably an indicator that Sami Khedira is on a timer and he could be on his way out. Emre is remembered for having been one of the strugglers in the world Cup for Die Mannschaft, and have to demonstrate his class at Juventus to win back the supporters.

Khedira, as the defensive or central midfielder, has managed an overall rating of 85 and with good statistical ratings of 86 interceptions, 87 reactions and 87 strengths. Khedira was a former Real Madrid player. His weekly wages are £141,000 for his role as a midfielder. This could seem high but you want to negotiate to get a better deal.

Arjen Robben (Overall rating 85 – POT 85)

Arjen Robben FIFA 19

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
FC Bayern Munich34Curve, Balance, DribblingHigh/ Low€120K€19.5MRM RW

Arjen Robben have lots of playing qualities despite the fact that he is aged 34. In his career, Dutchman is known to have dribbled past hundreds of defenders, with his trademark being left foot, lifting him to league titles in different countries including Spain, Germany, Holland and England.

Arjen Robben is not very cheap, at £106,000 weekly wages, you have to be sure why you want to bring him in to your team. There is no doubt he is one of the best football players that you can target for pre-contract signing, but you have to understand why you need him in. since he is aged 34 years, his performance could decline from 85 to 83 by the end of the season. This implies that you could only get the best of him for six months in 2019. Robben has impressive statistics including 89 dribbling, 90 curve, and 90 balance. With these statistics, he could be very valuable at bringing your club to greater heights.

With lots of improvements and changes in the FIFA 19 career mode, especially in the transfer upgrade where the club or agent has the ability to make deals on face-to-face basis with the new players, news clips where you could get to see your newly signed player in a press conference, and quick submissions that does not demand for pausing to make alterations; you will be in a position to participate in all the premium league 20 stadiums. The FIFA 19 will be definitely an intriguing experience you have never experienced before.

Hope you enjoyed reading our article about FIFA 19 pre-contract signing and found our list of the suggested players useful! Below you have access to the full list with all the best pre-contract players in 2019.

Keep in mind that it is possible to sort the list by club, position, age, overall or potential rating, and also by wage. Do not forget to use the search function in the upper right corner of the table: for example Placing a certain position like CB will get all pre-contract players in 2019 available for that position. The same can be done by entering the name of a club and will get all players available in pre contract in 2019 from that same club.

Complete Lists of Best Pre-Contract Players
FIFA 19 Contract Expiry 2019 (Here is where you are)
FIFA 19 Contract Expiry 2020
FIFA 19 Contract Expiry 2021
2022 (soon)
De Gea27Manchester UnitedGK9193€260K
D. Godín32Atlético MadridCB9090€125K
J. Vertonghen31Tottenham HotspurCB8787€155K
Naldo35FC Schalke 04CB8686€42K
Koke26Atlético MadridLM CM RM8586€88K
Y. Brahimi28FC PortoLM8585€28K
Filipe Luís32Atlético MadridLB8585€81K
F. Ribéry35FC Bayern MunichLM LW8585€87K
V. Kompany32Manchester CityCB8585€170K
Pepe35Beşiktaş JKCB8585€57K
A. Robben34FC Bayern MunichRM RW8585€120K
A. Di María30Paris Saint-GermainRW LW8484€125K
Jonas34SL BenficaST8484€25K
M. Dembélé30Tottenham HotspurCM CDM8484€135K
A. Barzagli37JuventusCB8484€95K
A. Rabiot23Paris Saint-GermainCM CDM8387€91K
M. Balotelli27OGC NiceST8383€55K
David Luiz31ChelseaCB8383€130K
Juan Mata30Manchester UnitedRM RW CAM8383€160K
Cesc Fàbregas31ChelseaCM CDM8383€140K
Aduriz37Athletic ClubST8383€31K
D. De Rossi34RomaCDM8383€80K
Víctor Ruiz29Villarreal CFCB8283€43K
Ander Herrera28Manchester UnitedCM CDM8282€150K
Marlos30Shakhtar DonetskRM8282€1K
A. Ramsey27ArsenalCM CDM CAM8283€130K
S. Giovinco31Toronto FCCF ST8282€15K
M. Kruse30SV Werder BremenCF ST CAM8282€45K
O. Giroud31ChelseaST8282€140K
A. Valencia32Manchester UnitedRB8282€130K
Dani Alves35Paris Saint-GermainRB8282€62K
P. Čech36ArsenalGK8282€60K
Casillas37FC PortoGK8282€10K
T. Hazard25Borussia MönchengladbachLM RM CF8183€36K
A. Areola25Paris Saint-GermainGK8185€61K
E. Salvio27SL BenficaRW8181€19K
C. Smalling28Manchester UnitedCB8182€130K
M. Valbuena33Fenerbahçe SKLW LM CAM8181€86K
M. Škrtel33Fenerbahçe SKCB8181€73K
Manuel Fernandes32Lokomotiv MoscowLM CAM8181€1K
H. Herrera28FC PortoCM8181€20K
Raffael33Borussia MönchengladbachCF ST8181€41K
J. Mathieu34Sporting CPCB LB8181€18K
M. Almirón24Atlanta United FCCAM8084€11K
T. Strakosha23LazioGK8085€34K
P. Jones26Manchester UnitedCB8081€115K
Sergi Enrich28SD EibarST8080€34K
B. Mee28BurnleyCB8080€62K
Muniain25Athletic ClubLW LM8083€31K
Susaeta30Athletic ClubRW LW8080€33K
A. Dzagoev28CSKA MoscowCM CDM CF8080€1K
Alexandre Pato28Tianjin QuanjianST LW CAM8080€35K
Nacho Monreal32ArsenalLB CB8080€99K
A. Fernández32Beijing RenheCM8080€20K
D. Sturridge28LiverpoolST8080€125K
S. Defour30BurnleyCM8080€65K
G. Cahill32ChelseaCB8080€99K
L. Diarra33Paris Saint-GermainCDM CB8080€75K
F. Quagliarella35SampdoriaST8080€36K
Dante34OGC NiceCB8080€37K
A. Gignac32Tigres U.A.N.L.ST8080€70K
A. Young32Manchester UnitedLB LWB RB8080€115K
I. Denisov34Lokomotiv MoscowCDM8080€1K
Juanfran33Atlético MadridRB8080€53K
Santi Cazorla33Villarreal CFCM CDM LM8080€39K
J. Mascherano34Hebei China FortuneCDM CB8080€20K
D. Srna36CagliariRB8080€27K
S. Lichtsteiner34ArsenalRB RM8080€99K
Fernando Torres34Sagan TosuST8080€10K
Y. Touré35Olympiakos CFPCM CDM8080€1K

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