FIFA 19 Pre-Contract Players: Contract Expiry ending in 2020

FIFA 19 Pre Contract Players in the second season 2020

Barely a month into the release of FIFA 19 and fans are already praising this new installment for its improved gameplay. Career mode, in particular, has become more interesting and most players will definitely try this mode.

That said, the most intriguing feature when playing manager mode is the ability to sign top class talent to your team in a bid to dominate in the oncoming season. In FIFA 19, the action will begin towards the end of the season when the contracts of some of the best players in the world and in the game will be expiring. This is the best time for any player to sign top rated players that can transform any team.

Signing with these pre-contract players during the second season of FIFA 19 Career Mode in 2020 is the best way to guarantee good players at no transfer cost. In the future you will even be able to sell these same players and you will have a good margin of profit. Success in the field and in the financial balance of your club.

Just make sure you start negotiations with these pre-contract players very early in January 2020…In this way you will have more (and the best) players at your disposal to enter into a pre-contract agreement.

Another Note: At the end of this article, we have the COMPLETE TABLE with all the best players with contracts expiring in July 2020, the second season of career mode. So if you just want to see the table, scroll down to the end of the article!

Luka Modric (Midfielder) (Overall rating 91 – POT 91)FIFA 19 Luka Modric

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Real Madrid CF32Balance, Short Passing, Ball Control, AgilityHigh/ High€420K€67MCM CDM

Coming from what is without question his best year in football, this year´s World Cup poster boy is to some the best player to add to your team come the 2020 season. Arguably the best soccer player out of Croatia, this midfielder is amongst the best there is. With the UEFA champions league title, a trip to the World Cup finals where he won the Golden Ball award and the UEFA best soccer player title, he is possibly the third best player in the world.

With a rating of 91, Luka Modric is a great addition to any team that can afford his wages. The only downside may be his age since he will be close to 35 by the time you can actually get him into your team. There is also a chance that his team will not be willing to let him go that easily and will attempt to give him another contract which will bring some competition.

With ratings of over 90 in agility, reaction, and dribbling among others, signing the captain of the Croatian national team will be a big boost to your team´s attacking power. Due to his age, it is best if you try to reduce his wage if you get to sign him to your team.

Eden Hazard (Winger/forward) (Overall rating 91 – POT 91)FIFA 19 Eden Hazard

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Chelsea27Dribbling, Agility, Ball Control, BalanceHigh/ Medium€340K€93MLW CF

This Belgian attacking midfielder is considered as one of the best striking forces in current football. The Chelsea player is on his last season at Stamford Bridge and if you are lucky, you could get him to your team. The 27-year-old is clearly in his prime which is shown by his rating of 91.

It is unlikely that Chelsea will willingly let their talisman to go for free. Be prepared for bidding wars with Chelsea for Hazard come next season. That is if he does not sign a contract extension with his current team before the end of the year.

With a rating of 95 in agility, 94 in balance and ball control, and another 95 in dribbling, getting to sign Hazard to your team at no cost is a steal for any manager.

Sergio Ramos (Center back) (Overall rating 91 – POT 91)Sergio Ramos FIFA 19

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Real Madrid CF32Jumping, Standing Tackle, Heading Accuracy, Sliding TackleHigh/ Medium€380K€51MCB

Wrapping up the top three pre-contact players in FIFA 19 is another player from Real Madrid. Ramos has played for Real Madrid for most of his professional life and has become one of the best defenders today. His versatility as both a right and center back offers many options for any manager that is able to sign him.

With an overall rating of 91, he is without question the best defender on the list. The potential challenge to signing Ramos is his insanely high wage. This could drop by the end of the season but be prepared for competition from many other teams that would like to acquire this player.

His rating of 90 in interceptions make him a defensive wall for his team. His 93 in jumping and 91 in heading finish make him the best scorer among defensive players. Sergio Ramos plus a few good players is a recipe for a good season.

David Silva (Midfielder) (Overall rating 89 – POT 89)FIFA 19 David Silva

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Manchester City32Ball Control, Short Passing, Agility, Vision, ComposureHigh/ Medium€275K€51.5MCAM CM

SIlva is a complete midfielder who is bound to spice up any team´s play. The Spanish player who currently plays for Manchester City can also play as a secondary striker or as a winger. Most importantly, his passing ability and his footwork make him an imposing playmaker for his team.

In line with his real great playmaking abilities, David Silva has an overall FIFA 19 rating of 89. His ratings of 93 in ball control and 92 in both composure and short passes will be a great addition to any team that secures his services for the 2020 season.

Considered one of the best Manchester City players ever, it is possible that Pep Guardiola is not ready to lose him yet. Expect some other rival teams to also pursue his signature leading to some competition. His high salary should not bother you as it will most probably go down by the end of the first season.

Edinson Cavani (Striker) (Overall rating 89 – POT 89)Edinson Cavani FIFA 19

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Paris Saint-Germain31Positioning, Stamina, Reactions, VolleysHigh/ High€200K€60MST

This pure striker has led the PSG attack for a few years now. He is the club´s top scorer after scoring 40 goals in 47 appearances last season. While his fellow strikers, Neymar and Mbappe, are impressive on their own, Cavani is arguably the force that brings it all together.

His 92 for stamina, 91 for reactions and 93 for positioning make him a force to reckon for any opposing team. Together with his 89 overall rating, Cavani could lead the attack of any team for a few seasons.

The 31-year-old player from Uruguay will still be a solid pick come 2020 for any team that can negotiate a good deal.

Keylor Navas (Goalkeeper) (Overall rating 87 – POT 87) FIFA 19 Keylor Navas

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Real Madrid CF31GK Diving, GK ReflexesMedium/ Medium€195K€30.5MGK

Navas is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and his services will be much sought after as his current contract expires. He has been the final defensive line in a Real Madrid team that has won several Champions League titles in the past few years.

His overall rating of 87 also makes him the best goalkeeper that can potentially be acquired for free come next season. Couple that with his 90 in goalkeeper reflexes and another 90 in diving and you have a starting goalkeeper that could serve your team for a few seasons.

His 195,000 Euros in weekly wages could possible come down by the end of the season making him affordable to your team.

Giorgio Chiellini (Center back) (Overall rating 89 – POT 89) FIFA 19 Giorgio Chiellini

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Juventus33Marking, Standing Tackle, AggressionMedium/ High€215K€27MCB

The Juventus center back is one of the best defenders on the list. He has been Juventus´ rock at the back for the past seven seasons that have also seen them win seven league titles in a row. As the captain of both his Italian national team and Juventus, you will be getting a leader in the team that will impact the younger players.

With a 93 in man marking, 93 in standing tackle and a 90 in sliding tackles, Chiellini will stop most opposing strikers from ever being a threat. Together with his overall rating of 89, this is a smart addition for any team.

The main risk in signing this player is his age. Already 35, he will have a few years at best to play at his current level. However, if you can get his weekly wage of 215,ooo Euros down, then he would be a valuable piece for any team´s defense.

James Rodriguez (Midfielder) (Overall rating 88 – POT 89) James Rodríguez FIFA 19

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
FC Bayern Munich26Long Shots, Crossing, Volleys, Ball ControlMedium/ Medium€315K€69.5MCAM CM RM

Currently on loan from Real Madrid to Bayern Munich, this Colombian is entering his prime and is one of the hardest pre-contract players to acquire. His overall rating of 88 and a potential growth of up to 89 will make many clubs seek for his services. Both Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are expected to negotiate for a deal with him which brings in some serious competitions.

However, if you can convince the young midfielder to sign with your team, then you can expect his rating of 90 in ball control, crosses and volleys to be a driving force in your attacking plays. Expect his weekly wages to rise due to his demand but with proper negotiations, he can be yours for free.

Christian Eriksen (Attacking midfielder) (Overall rating 88 – POT 91)FIFA 19 Christian Eriksen

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Tottenham Hotspur26Stamina, Ball Control, Short Passing, VisionHigh/ Medium€205K€73.5MCAM RM CM

The Danish maestro is nearing the end of his contract with Tottenham and could be yours if you play your cards right. At 26, it is obvious that Eriksen still has a lot to offer any team that can convince him to ink a deal with them. His overall rating of 88 is impressive but even better is his potential to reach 91.

To some, he is the best player in his club. Getting his services will, therefore, not be an easy task. If you can afford his 205,000 Euros in weekly wages, then he should be at the top of your list for the coming season.

The midfielder is rated at 91 for vision, short passing and ball control which make him more than a worthy player for any top team.

Thiago Silva (Center back) (Overall rating 88 – POT 88)FIFA 19 Thiago Silva

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Paris Saint-Germain33Jumping, Interceptions, Standing TackleMedium/ High€165K€24MCB

Thiago is another experienced defender on this list. The Brazilian is on his last season at PSG and could be looking to join another team for the 2020 season. He is a top-tier center back who can occasionally net a goal in.

With an overall rating of 88, he is in the later years of his prime and could be a great piece to a team that is looking to bolster their defense. For a weekly wage of 165,000 Euros, you get a player with ratings of 90 in jumping, 89 in interceptions and another 89 in standing tackles.

As with other older players in the list, it may be a risky affair trying to get Thiago Silva into your team. Being 33 years of age, it is unlikely he will get any better and could possibly be on the decline. To be safe, try to negotiate for a lower wage than his current amount.

Jordi Alba (Left back) (Overall rating 87 – POT 87)FIFA 19 Jordi Alba

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
FC Barcelona29Acceleration, Sprint Speed, Stamina, AgilityHigh/ Medium€250K€38MLB

The Spanish left-back is only 29 years old and looking at his performance in the past few seasons, he is evidently in his prime. The Barcelona defense is amongst the best and Alba is one of the reasons for this. He is a fast player who will spice up your team´s gameplay with his acrobatic magic.

A 93 in accelerations, 93 in sprint speed and a 90 in agility make him worth the 250,000 Euros in weekly wages. At an overall rating of 87, Jordi Alba is perhaps the best left back in the game. He is an attacking force to be feared and is well known to dish out assists to his teammates.

Expect some competitions from other large clubs as they try to sign this Barcelona defender.

Sadio Mane. (Winger) (Overall rating 86 – POT 87)FIFA 19 Sadio Mane

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Liverpool26Acceleration, Sprint Speed, AgilityHigh/ Medium€195K€52MLW RW

At Liverpool, Mane has developed into one of the best wingers in football. As his contract comes to an end, the skills of this Senegalese players could be yours at no transfer fee at all. With an overall rating of 86 with the potential of it rising to 87, many top teams will be competing for his signature.

His current weekly wage of 195,000 Euros will most likely rise by the time you are able to sign him. Nevertheless, with his 95 in acceleration, 93 in sprint speed and 91 in agility, the money spent will be more than worth it.

At 26 years, he has a long career ahead of him and could be a great long-term player to build your team upon.

Dries Mertens (Striker) (Overall rating 87 – POT 87)FIFA 19 Dries Mertens

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Napoli31Agility, Acceleration, BalanceHigh/ Low€135K€45MCF ST

To round-up the list is this Belgian striker who could very well be the cheapest player on the list. His outstanding performance in Napoli for the last few seasons see him boast an overall rating of 87. He is a complete forward and a clinical finisher.

With a 94 in agility, 93 in acceleration and a 92 in balance, expect to score at least a few goals with this player once he is on your team. His weekly wage of 135,000 Euros make him affordable for most teams. He is 31 years which means that he still has a significant number of years to play at the highest level.

Mertens could be a great primary or secondary striker for your team.


The list above is made up of some of the best football players there is in football today. Any of these players can immediately have an impact when signed to your team.

Remember to check the player´s weekly wages and their age to determine whether or not they would be a worthy investment for your team. With that said, go ahead and enjoy the FIFA 19 career mode and with these solid pre-contract players available in 2020, you are bound to dominate for the next few seasons.

Complete Lists of Best Pre-Contract Players
2020 (Here is where you are)
2022 (soon)
E. Hazard27ChelseaLW CF9191€340K
L. Modrić32Real Madrid CFCM CDM9191€420K
Sergio Ramos32Real Madrid CFCB9191€380K
E. Cavani31Paris Saint-GermainST8989€200K
David Silva32Manchester CityCAM CM8989€275K
G. Chiellini33JuventusCB8989€215K
J. Rodríguez26FC Bayern MunichCAM CM RM8889€315K
C. Eriksen26Tottenham HotspurCAM RM CM8891€205K
Thiago Silva33Paris Saint-GermainCB8888€165K
K. Navas31Real Madrid CFGK8787€195K
Jordi Alba29FC BarcelonaLB8787€250K
D. Mertens31NapoliCF ST8787€135K
M. Hamšík30NapoliCM8787€125K
S. Mané26LiverpoolLW RW8687€195K
N. Matić29Manchester UnitedCDM CM8686€195K
Alex Sandro27JuventusLB LM8686€160K
Parejo29Valencia CFCM CAM CDM8686€72K
M. Benatia31JuventusCB8686€160K
Fernandinho33Manchester CityCDM8686€185K
N. Fekir24Olympique LyonnaisCAM ST8589€92K
R. Sterling23Manchester CityRW LW CF8588€180K
T. Alderweireld29Tottenham HotspurCB8586€140K
E. Džeko32RomaST8585€115K
B. Matuidi31JuventusCDM CM8585€145K
Falcao32AS MonacoST8585€125K
A. Lopes27Olympique LyonnaisGK8486€72K
J. Cuadrado30JuventusRM RW8484€150K
I. Gündoğan27Manchester CityCM CDM8485€175K
José Callejón31NapoliRW8484€105K
M. Mandžukić32JuventusST LW8484€160K
Willian29ChelseaRW RM8484€175K
Quaresma34Beşiktaş JKRM LM8484€80K
S. Savić27Atlético MadridCB8386€67K
D. Subašić33AS MonacoGK8383€70K
S. Kagawa29Borussia DortmundCAM CM CF8383€77K
E. Banega30Sevilla FCCAM CM CDM8383€28K
Adán31Atlético MadridGK8383€55K
Lucas Leiva31LazioCDM CB8383€64K
E. Viviano32Sporting CPGK8383€17K
S. Mandanda33Olympique de MarseilleGK8383€51K
J. Pavlenka26SV Werder BremenGK8285€30K
E. Bailly24Manchester UnitedCB8287€115K
Anderson Talisca24Guangzhou EvergrandeCAM CF CM8289€16K
T. Meunier26Paris Saint-GermainRB RM8283€87K
Rafinha25FC BarcelonaCAM CM8287€165K
Jonathan Viera28Beijing Sinobo GuoanCAM CM8282€31K
M. Götze26Borussia DortmundCM CAM CF8285€67K
Pedro30ChelseaRW LW8282€140K
G. Bonaventura28MilanCM LW8282€115K
Oscar26Shanghai SIPGCAM CM8283€27K
A. Kolarov32RomaLB CB8282€73K
J. Henderson28LiverpoolCDM CM8282€125K
M. Parolo33LazioCDM CM8282€59K
V. Ćorluka32Lokomotiv MoscowCB8282€1K
F. Fazio31RomaCB8282€73K
A. Guardado31Real Betis BalompiéCM CDM8282€35K
E. Garay31Valencia CFCB8282€44K
L. Koscielny32ArsenalCB8282€115K
L. Biglia32MilanCDM CM8282€98K
Joaquín36Real Betis BalompiéRM LM ST8282€26K
J. Martínez25Atlanta United FCST8184€14K
C. Aránguiz29Bayer 04 LeverkusenCM CDM8181€76K
Pablo Sarabia26Sevilla FCRM LM LB RW8182€24K
J. Matip26LiverpoolCB8183€110K
G. Medel30Beşiktaş JKCDM CB8181€56K
J. Corona25FC PortoRM8183€18K
S. El Shaarawy25RomaLW RW8183€77K
Hulk31Shanghai SIPGRM CAM ST8181€25K
M. Lanzini25West Ham UnitedCAM CM LM8185€90K
Bruno34Villarreal CFCM CDM8181€42K
Pedro León31SD EibarRM LM8181€32K
L. Piszczek33Borussia DortmundRB CB8181€57K
A. Candreva31InterRM8181€74K
João Moutinho31WolverhamptonCM CDM CAM8181€85K
Borja Valero33InterCAM CDM8181€74K
B. Gomis32Al HilalST8181€56K
M. Gómez32VfB StuttgartST8181€50K
J. Milner32LiverpoolCM LB8181€120K
E. Zahavi30Guangzhou R&FCAM LM RM CF8080€22K
N. Pope26BurnleyGK8083€48K
Nolito31Sevilla FCLW LM ST CAM8080€24K
D. Caligiuri30FC Schalke 04RWB RM LM LWB8080€35K
A. Ljajić26Beşiktaş JKCAM LW8081€52K
Iago Falqué28TorinoRW ST8080€59K
K. Trapp27Eintracht FrankfurtGK8081€61K
N. Nkoulou28TorinoCB8080€50K
C. Stuani31Girona CFST RM8080€41K
F. Delph28Manchester CityLB CM8080€120K
Antunes31Getafe CFLB8080€27K
Kiko Casilla31Real Madrid CFGK8080€110K
Ángel31Getafe CFST8080€33K
Beñat31Athletic ClubCM8080€30K
I. Piatti33Montreal ImpactLW CF ST8080€13K
Raúl García31Athletic ClubCAM8080€30K
S. Radu31LazioCB LB8080€51K
T. Heaton32BurnleyGK8080€48K
L. Perrin32AS Saint-ÉtienneCB8080€37K
Diego López36RCD EspanyolGK8080€17K
Nani31Sporting CPLM RM CAM8080€18K
Moyá34Real SociedadGK8080€26K

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