FIFA 19 Pre-Contract Players: Contract Expiry ending in 2021

FIFA 19 Contract expiry players in 2021

This list features the best pre-contract signings during the third season of FIFA 19 career mode in 2021. Below we have listed our reviews of the best players with contracts expiring in 2021 and at the bottom of the page you can probably find what you were looking for…

Our complete table that includes the 147 best pre-contract players in 2021 available in FIFA 19 career mode. So scroll down if you want to jump our reviews!

Jan Oblak (Rating: 90 Potential: 93)FIFA 19 Jan Oblak

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Atlético Madrid25GK Handling, GK Reflexes, GK PositioningMedium/ Medium€94K€68MGK

Atletico Madrid, along with their great coach Diego Simeone, has impressively managed to keep up with Barcelona and Real Madrid in La Liga. This is despite the considerable gap of resources between the two Spanish superclubs and Atletico Madrid.

Part of the reason they are able to do this is through their recruitment policy. Their scouts are able to recognize young talents with high potential. They then bring the young talents to the club and through Simeone the club is able to grow them into global superstars. The likes of Antoine Griezmann and Jan Oblak are evidence of the success that Atletico has achieved through this system.

Jan Oblak is widely regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the world, if not the best outright. One glance at his in-game stats and you’ll understand why he is such a great goalkeeper. He has an overall rating of 90 in FIFA 19 career mode. His most impressive goalkeeping stat is handling where he has a rating of 92.

Keep in mind that this is the base rating for Oblak. Being that he is only 25 he is bound to get better in career mode. By the time you get him in 2021, he will most probably have hit his potential. At the time, he might even be the best goalkeeper in the game. His value will probably be sky high but if you can get him for absolutely free in 2021.

Paul Pogba (Rating: 88 Potential: 91)FIFA 19 Paul Pogba

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Manchester United25Shot Power, Long Passing, Ball ControlHigh/ Low€255K€73MCM CDM

Controversial. Talented. World-Class. These are just a few of the words that have been used to describe Paul Pogba during his footballing career. This midfield phenom has had an eventful career. His unceremonious exit from Manchester United as a young player went under the radar. It was not until he proved himself at Juventus that Manchester United rushed back to get him for a world-record fee.

His time back at Manchester United has divided opinion. Some say that he has underperformed. Some say he is doing okay in such a difficult league. His incredible talent, however, is undoubted. He was the unshakable midfield force in France’s World Cup triumph. Barcelona and PSG are said to be closely monitoring the situation at United.

His FIFA rating says it all. He is probably the best all-round midfielder in the game. He can play at any central midfield position. He can operate as a box to box midfielder, a central defensive midfielder or a deep-lying playmaker. The only midfield position where he can struggle is at CAM. However, he can still operate as CAM if need be.

You do not need extra motivation to sign Pogba. He is simply a beast in midfield. By the time you get him for free in 2021, he will have hit his potential. You will have him at his best for a few seasons before his rating starts to go down.

Casemiro (Rating: 88 Potential: 91)FIFA 19 Casemiro

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Real Madrid26Standing Tackle, Strength, JumpingMedium/ High€285K€61.5MCDM

Real Madrid was made to wait a long time for their 10th European crown. Despite the fact that there were many great teams since they last won it 2002, these teams were never able to lift that 10th title. Part of the reason is that they never had a proper CDM.

They managed to get passers of the ball. Midfielders who could play defense-splitting passes to Madrid’s talented forwards. However, they never had midfielder whose job was to protect the defense. This, in turn, left them vulnerable to counter attacks.

Sami Khedira was able to fill that void in 2014 but he was aging and could not play that role for long. A long-term solution was needed. Up stepped Casemiro. His performances took everybody by surprise. His aggression and tackling allowed passers and technical players like Modric, Isco and Kroos to thrive. His inclusion allowed Real Madrid to become the best team in Europe.

If you doubt Casemiro’s ability, just watch how Real play without him. There is no cohesion in their play without Casemiro. He plays as CDM but he would be equally adept at CB. That is how good his tackling stats are. In fact, one of his traits in the game is “complete defender”. His passing stats are also quite good. That coupled with his vision mean that he can also play as a deep-lying playmaker.

By the time you get him in 2021, Casemiro will have already hit his full potential. Your defense will thank you for signing this incredible CDM.

Mauro Icardi (Rating: 87 Potential: 90)FIFA 19 Mauro Icardi

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Inter Milan25Jumping, Positioning, Finishing, Heading AccuracyMedium/ Low€130K€64.5MST

Mauro Icardi is deadly in and around the box. His role in every game is only to score goals. When he is on form, he scores at an incredible rate. The whole world was in shock when he was omitted from Argentina’s World Cup squad. Many were of the opinion that he could not play well with Messi.

Icardi’s ability has been well known for a while. However, regular shows of indiscipline have hampered his progress. He has always been touted for a move to the likes of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. However, his erratic behavior kept them away and also affected his form.

However, in the past couple of seasons, we’ve seen the “real” Icardi. Just get the ball to him in the box and he will get you a goal. He is a complete forward. He can score headers, long shots, poachers goals, and close range finishes.

His best stats in the game are his finishing and positioning stats. Once he hits his full potential, his finishing stats will definitely be over 95. You won’t be missing many chances with Icardi as your striker. The best thing is, you won’t have to pay a dime for him in 2021.

Marco Verratti (Rating: 86 Potential: 89)FIFA 19 Marco Verratti

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
PSG25Balance, Composure, Short Passing, DribblingMedium/ High€135K€55MCM CDM

One look at Marco Verratti and you would probably not imagine that he plays as a CDM. You would probably think that he is a creative CAM. You would equate him with the likes of Isco and David Silva. His height and size would probably lead you to this conclusion. Verratti is only 5’5”.

However, your perception of him would change once the opposing team gets the ball. This pint-sized midfield maverick is aggressive. He will nick the ball of any opposition player despite the opposing player’s size. Some even refer to him as the “Italian N’golo Kante”.

The game has incorporated these traits into his stats. His aggression and tackling stats are absolutely impressive. You could even play him as a defender but his height would let him down in this position. His passing stats are even better than his aggression stats. He has the ability defend when your team loses the ball and also play as a deep-lying playmaker when your team has the ball. In addition, you can also play him as CAM if need be.

By 2021, he is going to be a central midfield god. He promises to be an exceptional signing.

David Alaba (Rating: 85 Potential: 87)FIFA 19 David Alaba

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Bayern Munich26Stamina, AccelerationHigh/ Medium€110K€38MLB CB CM

David Alaba was once touted as the best left-back in the world. He was pretty young when that title was bestowed upon him. From then, the title of best left back in the world may have been taken from him by Real Madrid left back Marcelo. However, he still remains a great player with bags of potential.

One of Alaba’s best traits is his ability to play in different positions. He plays at left back with Bayern but when lining up with Austria he often plays as a central midfielder. This trait is well documented in his in-game stats.

He is good at absolutely everything. He can tackle, he can pass, he can pick a killer through ball and he can score a fantastic free-kick. What more do you need from a player! The only position where he would struggle is the center forward position.

If you can, get Alaba for free in 2021. He will have hit his full potential by then for sure. The best thing about him is that he will comfortably slot into any position you need.

Alex Telles (Rating: 84 Potential: 87)FIFA 19 Alex Telles

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Porto25Stamina, Crossing, CurveHigh/ Medium€22K€32MLB

Alex Telles is probably the least known player in this list. However, a follower of the Portuguese league must have heard of this marauding left-back from Brazil. Alex Telles contributes in both defense and attack. He plays like a left back and a left winger.

A quick glance at his stats will reveal an all-round player. He is like a younger David Alaba. His stats show that he can play almost everywhere. He has decent enough pace to ensure that no winger will get past him.

His passing and composure stats are also good meaning that you can trust him when he is in possession of the ball. Perhaps his best trait is his stamina. It allows him to operate comfortably along the entire left side of the pitch. His stats also suggest that he can bang in a few free-kicks.

A potential downside is his weak-foot stat. He has a poor 2-star weak foot rating. You have to play him on the left. However, that is the only downside. By the time you get him in 2021, he will have most probably hit his potential.

Florian Thauvin (Rating: 84 Potential: 87)FIFA 19 Florian Thauvin

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Marseille25Acceleration, Agility, Ball Control, CurveHigh/ Medium€72K€39MRM RW

Many heard of Thauvin after his transfer to Newcastle United. Back then, he was touted as the next French star set to conquer the English Premier League. However, he failed to adapt to the physicality of English football. His time at Newcastle United was deemed a failure.

Newcastle allowed him to go back on loan to Marseille until Marseille decided to make the move permanent. Once he settled in Marseille, we were able to see Thauvin for the player he is.

Thauvin is a winger who provides assists and gets lots of goals. The game clearly displays these traits. His best stats include finishing, crossing, and vision. Florian is able to play both as a traditional winger who hits the by-line to provide crosses and a modern winger who cuts in and shoots.

His best position is on the right wing though if required he can play on the other flank. He can also play as a striker thanks to his great finishing stats. He is a player who will slot straight into your first team.

Mateo Kovacic (Rating: 83 Potential: 89)FIFA 19 Mateo Kovacic

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Real Madrid24Ball Control, Dribbling, VisionHigh/ High€165K€35MCM

When Real Madrid bought Kovacic they saw him as the potential heir to his International team-mate Luka Modric. In Kovacic, they saw a boy with the potential to be one of the best passers in world football.

However, Luka was playing the best football of his career. He was simply undroppable. Kovacic was discontent with a place on the bench. But Madrid couldn’t just let such a young talent leave. So they loaned him out to Chelsea. At the moment, he is busy terrorizing Premier League defenders with his skill and passing range.

Mateo’s greatest ability is his passing ability. His passing stats are absolutely amazing. In addition, his vision stats enhance his ability to break stubborn defenses with accurate forward passes. His best positions are CM and CAM. His dribbling, agility and balance stats ensure that he can still keep the ball in tight spaces.

By the time you get him, he might not have reached his full potential but he will be pretty close. He should be a great signing for any team.

Memphis Depay (Rating: 83 Potential: 88)FIFA 19 Memphis Depay

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Lyon24Acceleration, FK Accuracy, Sprint Speed, Shot PowerHigh/ Low€84K€35MST LW

Memphis sensationally stated that he would be the next Ronaldo when he was offered the number 7 shirt at Manchester United. However, his time at Manchester United was not a success. Maybe he couldn’t deal with the pressure.

So Manchester United sold him to Lyon and he was like a player reborn. He began showing the promise that made him a stand out player at the 2014 World Cup. Lyon converted him into a striker. A fast and deadly striker. Manchester United will be glad that they inserted a “buy-back” clause in the sale agreement to Lyon.

Memphis is a fast, physical and skillful player. His stats suggest that his best position is on the left wing. He is also good if you play him as a striker. He will do wonders for you if you instruct him to get in-behind of the opposition’s defensive line. He is a menace for any defense. In addition, he can hit a killer free-kick and he can also shoot from range.

He may not have hit his full potential by the time you sign him in 2021. However, you will have a lot of fun with him as he rises to his maximum potential.

Hakim Ziyech (Rating: 83 Potential: 86)FIFA 19 Hakim Ziyech

ClubAgeBest StatsWork RateWageValuePosition(s)
Ajax25Curve, Long Passing, VisionHigh/ High€28K€32.5MCAM RW

Ziyech is another product of the esteemed Ajax academy. This talented player is on the radar of top clubs including Barcelona and Arsenal.

Ziyech’s ability on the ball is incredible. His dribbling stats ensure that defenders struggle a great deal before getting the ball off him. However, his most amazing stat is not dribbling. His ability to pick a pass is what makes him so special.

His ability was on show for the world to see when he lined up for Morocco during the 2018 World Cup. He was the only bright light in a promising but ultimately unsuccessful campaign for the African side.

He will have hit his potential when you get him in 2021. He should be a great addition for your team in the CAM position.


The above list is far from conclusive. However, the above list covers the best options for a pre-season signing in 2021 during FIFA 19 career mode.

You can get other players like Messi, Suarez, and Lewandowski. However, at the time they will be pretty old and their ratings will have already started to degrade.

You will get the above-listed players at the peak of their respective potentials. It will be a while before their ratings begin to fall and by then you will most probably have replacements lined up.

Complete Lists of Best Pre-Contract Players
2021 (Here is where you are)
2022 (soon)
L. Messi31FC BarcelonaCF RW ST9494€565K
L. Suárez31FC BarcelonaST9191€455K
J. Oblak25Atlético MadridGK9093€94K
R. Lewandowski29FC Bayern MunichST9090€205K
M. Neuer32FC Bayern MunichGK9090€135K
N. Kanté27ChelseaCDM CM8990€225K
M. Hummels29FC Bayern MunichCB8989€165K
S. Agüero30Manchester CityST8989€300K
Casemiro26Real Madrid CFCDM8891€285K
P. Pogba25Manchester UnitedCM CDM8891€255K
G. Higuaín30MilanST8888€245K
S. Handanovič33InterGK8888€110K
M. Icardi25InterST8790€130K
K. Koulibaly27NapoliCB8790€115K
C. Immobile28LazioST8787€115K
P. Aubameyang29ArsenalST LM8787€220K
I. Rakitić30FC BarcelonaCM8787€260K
Iniesta34Vissel KobeCM LM8787€23K
M. Verratti25Paris Saint-GermainCM CDM8689€135K
T. Müller28FC Bayern MunichCF RW CAM ST8686€145K
Thiago27FC Bayern MunichCM CAM CDM8686€130K
J. Boateng29FC Bayern MunichCB8686€125K
M. Özil29ArsenalCAM RM RW8686€190K
D. Alaba26FC Bayern MunichLB CB CM8587€110K
Paulinho29Guangzhou EvergrandeCM CAM CDM RM8585€235K
A. Vidal31FC BarcelonaCDM CM8585€205K
S. Khedira31JuventusCM CDM8585€160K
Diego Costa29Atlético MadridST8585€100K
Alex Telles25FC PortoLB8487€22K
F. Thauvin25Olympique de MarseilleRM RW8487€72K
Neto28Valencia CFGK8485€45K
H. Mkhitaryan29ArsenalCAM RW RM LM8484€160K
W. Szczęsny28JuventusGK8486€115K
Javi Martínez29FC Bayern MunichCDM CB8484€105K
D. Payet31Olympique de MarseilleCAM LM8484€75K
S. Ruffier31AS Saint-ÉtienneGK8484€41K
K. Benzema30Real Madrid CFST8484€225K
Raúl Albiol32NapoliCB8484€88K
Ronaldo Cabrais26GrêmioRW CAM8383€51K
Josué Chiamulera26GrêmioCB8383€43K
Louri Beretta26Atlético MineiroST CF8383€60K
Lucas Vázquez27Real Madrid CFRW RM8383€205K
Y. Carrasco24Dalian YifangLM8386€20K
Felipe29FC PortoCB8383€22K
M. Kovačić24ChelseaCM8389€165K
M. Depay24Olympique LyonnaisST LW8388€84K
J. Draxler24Paris Saint-GermainCM LW LM CAM8386€91K
Nacho Fernández28Real Madrid CFCB LB RB8385€180K
O. Baumann28TSG 1899 HoffenheimGK8384€42K
K. Glik30AS MonacoCB8383€86K
B. Dost29Sporting CPST8383€26K
Luiz Gustavo30Olympique de MarseilleCDM CB8383€63K
Giuliano28Al NassrCAM RW8383€64K
Pepe Reina35MilanGK8383€56K
Juiano Mestres34CruzeiroCB CDM8282€39K
Raphaelito Anjos30GrêmioGK8282€32K
A. Belotti24TorinoST8287€58K
J. Lingard25Manchester UnitedCAM RW CM8283€140K
F. Vázquez29Sevilha FCCAM CM RW LW8283€27K
E. Višća28İstanbul BaşakşehirRM8282€40K
C. Bakambu27Beijing SinoboST8283€33K
Luis Alberto25LazioCF CAM CM8285€67K
K. Kampl27RB LeipzigCM CAM CDM8282€67K
K. Casteels26VfL WolfsburgGK8285€46K
Marcos Alonso27ChelseaLB LWB8283€115K
S. Mustafi26ArsenalCB8284€115K
R. Bürki27Borussia DortmundGK8285€50K
Taison30Shakhtar DonetskLM CAM8282€1K
O. Toprak28Borussia DortmundCB8283€64K
N. Gaitán30Dalian YifangCAM8282€22K
L. Fejsa29SL BenficaCDM8282€18K
A. Rami32Olympique de MarseilleCB8282€57K
G. Wijnaldum27LiverpoolCM8283€130K
Y. Sommer29Borussia MönchengladbachGK8283€32K
L. Bender29Bayer 04 LeverkusenRB CDM CM8282€75K
Jardel32SL BenficaCB8282€17K
R. Jarstein33Hertha BSC BerlinGK8282€30K
Laure Santeiro30FluminenseCAM LW8181€40K
Morales30Levante UDLM RM ST8181€33K
A. Robertson24LiverpoolLB8186€91K
João Mário25InterCAM LW CM RM8184€71K
E. Hysaj24NapoliRB8186€58K
P. Zieliński24NapoliCM81
B. Davies25Tottenham HotspurLB LWB8184€87K
A. Milik24NapoliST8188€71K
M. Batshuayi24Valencia CFST8185€115K
C. Kramer27Borussia MönchengladbachCDM CM8182€35K
B. Lecomte27MontpellierGK8184€27K
J. Iličić30AtalantaCF CAM8181€41K
K. Volland25Bayer 04 LeverkusenST RW LW8183€76K
J. Cillessen29FC BarcelonaGK8183€125K
G. Xhaka25ArsenalCM CDM8184€115K
W. Ben Yedder27Sevilla FCST CAM LM8181€26K
D. Lovren28LiverpoolCB8182€115K
Maicon29Galatasaray SKCB8181€68K
Guaita31Crystal PalaceGK8181€51K
Iborra30Leicester CityCDM CM CAM8181€75K
R. Bürki27Borussia DortmundGK8285€50K
L. Stindl29Borussia MönchengladbachCF8181€43K
D. Perotti29RomaLW CF8181€84K
F. Muslera32Galatasaray SKGK8181€52K
A. Modeste30Tianjin QuanjianST8181€36K
A. Lallana30LiverpoolCM8181€120K
S. Bender29Bayer 04 LeverkusenCB CDM8181€69K
K. Gameiro31Valencia CFST8181€48K
K. Boateng31SassuoloCM ST CAM CF8181€65K
Renato Augusto30Beijing SinoboCM CAM CDM LM8181€28K
Welington Dano30CruzeiroLB LM8080€34K
Everton Andrão34FluminenseCDM CM8080€34K
F. Balbuena26West Ham UnitedCB8083€80K
M. Marega27FC PortoST RM8080€19K
M. Acuña26Sporting CPLM LB RM CM8081€18K
M. Vecino26InterCDM CM8081€63K
M. Brozović25InterCDM CAM CM8083€60K
André Gomes24EvertonCM LM RM8085€130K
H. Çalhanoğlu24MilanLW CAM8084€89K
M. Ginter24Borussia MönchengladbachCB CDM8082€28K
L. Paredes24ArgentinaCM CDM8085€0
Sergio Rico24FulhamGK8084€14K
Z. Feddal28Real Betis BalompiéCB8080€29K
T. Inui30Real Betis BalompiéLM8080€30K
J. Butland25Stoke CityGK8085€39K
K. Bellarabi28Bayer 04 LeverkusenRM8080€71K
E. Dier24Tottenham HotspurCDM CB8084€73K
M. Rojo28Manchester UnitedCB8080€120K
V. Aboubakar26FC PortoST8082€19K
D. Didavi28VfB EstugardaCAM CM8080€44K
Y. Belhanda28Galatasaray SKCAM LW8080€69K
R. Rodríguez25MilanLB CB8083€81K
Kike García28SD EibarST8080€34K
J. Zoet27PSVGK8083€16K
J. Wilshere26West Ham UnitedCM CAM CDM8082€88K
V. Wanyama27Tottenham HotspurCDM CM8082€86K
R. Boudebouz28Real Betis BalompiéCAM RM ST8080€31K
Camacho28VfL WolfsburgCDM CM CB8081€51K
S. Ulreich29FC Bayern MunichGK8080€61K
M. Musacchio27MilanCB8080€85K
S. Jovetić28AS MonacoST8080€84K
V. Birsa31Chievo VeronaCAM RW8080€23K
S. Romero31Manchester UnitedGK8080€91K
D. Rose27Tottenham HotspurLB LWB8080€86K
A. Granqvist33SuéciaCB8080€0
A. Mirante34RomaGK8080€51K
W. Rooney32D.C. UnitedST8080€13K

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