FIFA 19 Wonderkids: Best Young Players with +20 growth + Highest Potential

FIFA 19 Wonderkids: Best Young Players in Career Mode

Welcome to our annual list of the best young players also known as wonderkids. This time with FIFA 19, there are new faces that are emerging in the world of football as well as new overall & potential ratings.
Below we reveal the best young players with the highest potential rating followed by the young players with the highest growth available in FIFA 19 Career Mode.

What are wonderkids?

Wonderkids are basically the best young players in the game with the potential to grow into global footballing superstars. FIFA 19 gives you the opportunity to grow and manage these players in career mode.

You will have to buy these wonderkids from their respective clubs. However, you can still choose to manage the club that the wonderkid has signed for to avoid buying the player.

Why Should You Buy Wonderkids in FIFA 19?

  1. They are Cheap;

Most wonderkids in FIFA 19 are cheap, principally those with the highest growth between the overall rating and the potential. This means that they provide the best option for you to get high potential players on the cheap. This is crucial especially if you are managing a low-budget team. Wonderkids are usually cheap to buy and maintain.

In addition, these best young players grow in stats and in value. This means that you can make a massive profit by selling a wonderkid that you’ve managed.

  1. They provide security;

Wonderkids are your security for the future. With wonderkids you are assured that you have high potential players for a long period of time.

We all know that scouting is usually hit and miss. You can sometimes be unsuccessful when scouting for new talent. Having wonderkids ensures that you have a great young squad even when scouting fails.

  1. It makes career-mode more exciting.

Let’s face it. Career mode can get boring if in every career mode you sign the same players. Signing wonderkids in FIFA 19 Career Mode gives you the opportunity to sign other exciting players. It is more exciting to watch a wonderkid grow to his full potential than to watch an older player hit his potential and start deteriorating.

Tips on How To Develop Wonderkids in FIFA 19 Career Mode

You want your wonderkids to reach their potential as fast as possible. Here is how you can ensure that they do so.

  1. Game time;

Gametime is the best way to ensure that a player grows. FIFA is interested in the stats that the player achieves in-game. You have to ensure that your wonderkid is in the pitch for as long as possible.

This can be an issue with clubs that have a lot of competition. You can choose to sell some players to get rid of the competition and ensure that your wonderkid gets enough game time. In addition, ensure that you wonderkid performs well on the pitch. Morale matters and a poor morale might hamper the growth of your wonderkid.

  1. Training.

You should really take advantage of player training. Training allows you to improve a specific player trait.

Preferably, you should focus on the traits where your player is weak. For example, you can focus on increasing the stamina of your speedy winger instead of trying to increase his speed. However, you can also choose to improve the best traits of your player.

FIFA 19 Wonderkids With The Highest Potential

Below are the highest potential wonderkids you can get in FIFA 19.

FIFA 19 Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe
(Rating: 87. Potential: 95)
19 years old

You probably know Kylian Mbappe. Everybody does. From anonymity, this boy has risen to the top of world football in a just over a year and a half. His performances have drawn comparisons to the great Brazilian, Pelé. He is widely touted as the heir to Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. It is difficult to argue with such comments as he has already bested both of them by winning the world cup with France.

In the game, the boy already has beast-like stats. He will outrun even the speediest of wing backs with pace being his best attribute. His high finishing and weak foot stats mean that he can play across all attacking positions. He also has decent vision and agility that make him a potential candidate for the CAM position. In my opinion, you should play him on the wings. From there, he can be the target of low crosses or he can cut in on either foot and shoot.

The only issue with Kylian Mbappe is that he will not come cheap. You might have to pay of 147.6 million pounds to trigger his release clause. This means that only a limited number of teams have the capital to get him.

Mbappe is definitely a great long-term buy. At 19 years, you are sure that you will have him for your entire career mode. Once you get him to full potential, you can even sell him for a record fee.

FIFA 19 Gianluigi Donnarumma

Gianluigi Donnarumma
(Rating: 82. Potential: 93)
AC Milan

Donnarumma has been touted as the heir to Italian hero Gianluigi Buffon. His rise to the top has been largely due to the gametime he receives at AC Milan. Despite his young age, he is still able to make world-class saves. He is also good with his feet; a trait that most goalkeepers are required to have these days.

His best traits are diving and reflexes. He is rated 88 at both of the above. He also has decent stats at handling, kicking and positioning. These stats suggest that he is already a great goalkeeper even before he starts growing.

Donnarumma has 93 potential and with regular game time and training, he will get there fast. However, there is the small issue of getting him from AC Milan. You will need to have 55.1 Million Pounds in your coffers to trigger his release clause.

Alternatively, you can choose to have an AC Milan career mode. You might have to offer him another contract to either increase his release clause or disregard it all together. There are a fair few clubs that can trigger his release clause and just like that your precious Donnarumma will be gone.

FIFA 19 Vinícius Júnior

Vinícius Júnior
(Rating: 77 Potential: 92)
17 years old
Real Madrid

Explosive. This is just one of the many words that can be used to describe this amazing young footballer. He burst onto the global scene while playing for Brazilian side Flamengo. Real Madrid was so impressed with this talent that they shelled out a reported 38 million pounds to bring him to the Santiago Bernabeu. This is the second highest transfer fee paid to a Brazilian club. The record is, of course, held by Barcelona who paid 74 million pounds for Neymar.

Vinicius’ best trait is his explosive pace. The game has, thus, rewarded him with 93 pace. He is also a great dribbler and will work really well on both flanks due to his 4-star weak foot rating. You can also have a lot of fun with him on the wings as he has 5-star skill moves. However, unlike Mbappe, he is not a complete forward. His finishing stats are not all that great but you can look to improve them in training.

You will need 46.8 Million pounds to trigger Junior’s release clause. He is the best wonderkid option on the flanks if you cannot afford Mbappe. He will definitely grow to his full potential and is a great buy if you’re looking to form a super team.

FIFA 19 Gabriel Jesus

Gabriel Jesus
(Rating: 83 Potential: 92)
21 years old
Manchester City

Jesus was identified by Pep Guardiola as the team’s savior in Manchester City’s problematic center-forward position. For most people on the outside looking in, Manchester City already had one of the best center-forwards available in Sergio Aguero. But Pep saw something in him. Jesus fitted into Pep’s plan due to his incredible workrate and deadly touch in front of goal. Aguero was even rumored to be unsettled by his Jesus’ presence at the club.

Clearly, Jesus is extremely talented. There are many videos on Youtube where you can watch him torment defenders with his skills. In the game, he is more of a finisher. His positioning and finishing are among his best traits. He also has a high attacking and defensive work rate meaning that he would work well for you if you play a pressing game.

He can also play out wide if need be since he has decent pace stats. In addition, you can also play as CAM since he has impressive agility and balance stats that will help him in tight spaces.

Jesus will set you back 84.1 Million Pounds if you choose to trigger his release clause. This means that you have to be at a financially strong club to buy him. He is a great buy and with enough training and gametime he will hit his potential.

Matthijs de Ligt
(Rating: 81 Potential: 91)
18 years old

Matthijs is the latest wonderkid to come from the famed Ajax academy. He shows such maturity and leadership in defence for such a young boy. Almost every top club in Europe is watching him waiting for an opportunity to pounce. He has already shown that he can compete with the best in the world when he lines up with the Dutch National team.

Defenders these days are required to be good with their feet since most teams now prefer to play out from defence. Matthijs is a very skilled passer. He has really impressive passing stats for a central defender. He is comfortable with the ball on both feet meaning that he can line up on the left or on the right of a central defensive partnership.

In addition to passing out from the back, Matthijs is also very skilled at recovering the ball for his team. He has good tackling, marking and interceptions stats. He is also quite quick for a defender which ensures that he can keep up with most strikers.

Compared to the other players on this list, Matthijs is relatively cheap. 36.8 million pounds is all you need to trigger his release clause. He should slot right into your defence and with enough game time, you will witness Matthijs grow into a world-class defender.

FIFA 19 Wonderkids With The Biggest Growth

These are the wonderkids that have the highest growth in terms of overall stats in FIFA 19.

Pietro Pellegri FIFA 19

Pietro Pellegri
(Rating: 67. Potential: 88. Potential Growth: +21)
17 years old
AS Monaco

AS Monaco have made a name for themselves by identifying young talents and growing them into world beaters. Their last set of young players (including Kylian Mbappe) led them to the Ligue A title in 2017.

His finishing capacity is undoubted as he became the first player born in the 21st century to score in the Italian League and in the French league. He prefers to have the ball on his right foot as he has a poor weak foot rating.

You can have Pietro in your team for a fee of 4.9 million pounds. He will grow into a beast of a striker with gameplay and training. His stats mean that he will not slot into a big team. However, he is the best striker to start with if you have a road to glory career mode. “Road to glory” is where you pick a small team and try to manage it into a global powerhouse.

Riqui Puig FIFA 19

Riqui Puig
(Rating: 68 Potential: 88 Potential growth: +20)
18 years old
FC Barcelona

Puig is a graduate of the famed Barcelona academy (La Masia) that gave us the likes of Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta. The La Masia academy consistently produces great passers of the ball.

Puig is no different. This Spanish CM from Barcelona has impressive passing and vision stats for someone as young as him. We might actually be looking at the next Iniesta or Xavi. His ball control stats are also quite good so you need not fear passing the ball to him in midfield.

His stats suggest that he is not your box to box midfielder. He is also not a defensive midfielder. He is meant to act as a “quarterback”. His role is to play killer passes forward and to keep possession. With training and game time he will grow into a great central midfielder.

To trigger his release clause you will have to part with 5.6 Million Pounds. If you are playing with Barcelona in Career mode, you should consider sending him on loan since you might not give him the play time required for him to grow.

FIFA 19 Sandro Tonali

Sandro Tonali
(Rating: 67 Potential: 88 Potential Growth: +21)
18 years old

Sandro Tonali has already drawn comparisons to the great Italian midfielder Andrea Pirlo. At the moment, Chelsea Football Club is reportedly lining up a 20 Million Pound offer for the young Italian midfielder.

Tonali is a complete central midfielder. He can operate as a box to box midfielder or an out and out defensive midfielder. His stats show that he is a great passer, a tough tackler and a composed presence with the ball at his feet. No wonder he is drawing comparisons to Pirlo. He even looks a bit like him!

With Tonali, you are guaranteed a great midfielder. He has a 4 million pound release clause which is bound to grow as the player grows. You could buy him if you think that you can give him enough game time. Another idea is taking up Brescia as your team for career mode. You can then build the team around Tonali as you try to propel Brescia to greater heights.

FIFA 19 Alessandro Bastoni

Alessandro Bastoni
(Rating: 67 Potential: 87 Potential Growth: +20)
19 years old

Italy has in the recent past produced many great centre-backs. The likes of Giorgio Chiellini and Andrea Barzagli led them to World Cup glory in 2006. In Alessandro Bastoni lies the potential of a future great center back. Inter Milan recognized this potential and went on to sign the former Atalanta man.

Bastoni is a pure tackler. Once the ball is in range, rest assured, he will definitely nick it off the opponent. With game time and training he will become a formidable center back. He is not blessed with great pace but you can solve this with training.

Bastoni is on loan from Inter so you won’t be getting him in the first season. After the first season, you can get him off Inter’s books. You can also choose to grow him in Inter especially if you need to replace an aging center back.

FIFA 19 Angel Gomes

Angel Gomes
(Rating: 66 Potential: 87 Potential Growth: +21)
17 years old
Manchester United

The Manchester United Academy has never really produced great players since it produced the famous “Class of 1”. This class produced many great names such as David Beckham and Ryan Giggs. Recently, it gave us Marcus Rashford. Rashford is touted by many to be a future England and Manchester United great. Now it has given us Angel Gomes.

Gomes is a nightmare for opposition defenders. He has the attributes of every great CAM. These attributes are evident in FIFA 19 as he has great balance and agility stats. His passing and vision also contribute to his ability as a CAM. A potential downside to Gomes is that he does have good physicality stats. However, you can try to remedy this with training. If need be he can also line up on the either wing.

For such a talent a 4 million pound release clause is a bargain. You should attempt to snap him up immediately as he will provide goals and assists wherever he plays. With enough game time he will achieve his potential easily.

FIFA 19 Abdoulaye Dabo

Abdoulaye Dabo
(Rating: 63 Potential: 87 Potential Growth: +24)
17 years old

Abdoulaye Dabo has the highest potential growth of any player in Fifa 19. You can actually sign just to see him grow to his full potential.

Dabo’s ability to play in different positions is what makes him such a great talent. The game provides that he can play as a central midfielder or as a winger. His stats, however, show that he can also line up as a defender and a striker. Crazy!

He has great passing, great pace, decent enough finishing and great tackling. Once he hits his potential Dabo promises to be an absolute beast of a player. You can trigger his release clause by paying Nantes a measly 2.3 million pounds.

He is a great player to get especially if you have a road to glory career mode.


Listed above are the best wonderkids that you can find in FIFA 19. There are many more but they do not get better than what we have in this list.

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